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A couple of week’s ago, I shared my Rome cooking class experience and this week I want to take you on a foodie journey with me around the Trastevere neighborhood of this ancient city.

One of the worse parts of being a traveler in Italy is missing out on all the amazing Italian food because you get stuck in the tourist traps. This happened to me the first time around and it was no fun. I was so happy to try authentic Italian food and discover unknown treasures hidden behind the mysterious Roman walls.



Follow along and find out my favorite nibbles on my Trastevere Food Tour!


 photo traversefoodtour4.jpg

The first stop was at iconic trattoria, Da Enzo al 29 and their award-winning food was melt in your mouth good. We just had a few starters but they set the bar pretty high for the rest of the food on the tour.


 photo traversefoodtour5.jpg

The second stop was my absolute favorite! Tasting wine in Spirito di Vino’s wine cellar is not your run of the mill experience – it’s 150 years older than the Colosseum. I did not want to leave. The various nibbles were to die for and the ambiance of the cellar transported me back into an old empire. Not a bad way to say happy 32nd birthday to me. Plus wine. LOVED it!

 photo traversefoodtour7.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour9.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour11.jpg

The dim lighting made it difficult to take pictures but trust me – it was magical.


 photo traversefoodtour12.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour13.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour14.jpg

Getting dessert before a main is always fun but I was quickly filling up with all the food and it was just the beginning. We visited Rome’s famous family-owned cookie factory for a bite or two which made me jump for joy!


 photo traversefoodtour18.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour19.jpg

The architecture in this district was amazing. As we strolled through Trastevere I quickly began falling in love with Rome – this was way different to the first time I visited in 2008. Make sure you visit this area on your trip!



 photo traversefoodtour20.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour21.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour23.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour24.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour25.jpg

I’m not going to lie, I’m a crazy lover of fried foods and can totally understand why this battered street food snack, the suppli’, is a much loved Trastevere institution. By this point in the tour, I was not sure how much more of Italy I could eat. There was so much food!

 photo traversefoodtour28.jpg

So, I got a bit distracted a started window shopping – I couldn’t help it. You know I’m a shopaholic!


 photo traversefoodtour29.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour31.jpg
 photo traversefoodtour33.jpg

 photo traversefoodtour35.jpg This pizza is no joke. Going behind the scenes at one of Rome’s most well-known bakeries to taste their award-winning pizza was super cool – I love getting to go backstage – so VIP!


 photo traversefoodtour36.jpg

And again, more window shopping…


 photo traversefoodtour38.jpg

Here we are at the grand finale and too stuffed to finish it – a meal homemade ravioli among other sumptuous pasta dishes plus wine. I so wanted a doggy bag.

 photo traversefoodtour39.jpg

Yay for a happy and extremely beyond full tour group. After this we went to a super secret location and it was a thrill to experience it – but I can’t disclose everything I saw. Have to keep some thing hushed. We couldn’t even take pictures in there!


 photo traversefoodtour44.jpg

Last but so not very least, gelato! Did you know it was my very first time having it? I know. If I was going to have it somewhere for the first time, I’m glad it was Italy. So yummy.

 photo traversefoodtour45.jpg


Even though I’m a long term traveler, I do love tours especially because if you’re short on time, you can get such unique insight into a city – and I loved every minute of finding out some of Rome’s foodie secrets.

This was definitely a great way to get an authentic taste of Italy on my trip. And let’s just say, I’ve fallen in love with Rome like crazy and want to go back – maybe even live there. Just be warned, come on an empty stomach and with a spacious dress! To learn more about these experiences, check out Eating Italy. Thank you for inviting me along on your tours!

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