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When you’re traveling overland on bus or train you’ll find a few necessities will help make the journey more comfortable. Don’t get caught off guard and prepare like a pro – keep these travel essentials handy in your purse or day pack on long travel days.


8 Things to Make Long Trips More Comfortable


It’s important to be well prepared on long bus, train, boat, and plane travel days. You never know what will happen especially in areas such as Southeast Asia. Whether you’re doing a visa run in Thailand, taking a long train journey across India, or taking a bus across Cambodia, being well prepared can help make your journey a million times more pleasant.

Make note of these 8 essentials for long travel days:



Toilet Paper


– whether for the toilet, blowing your nose, wiping your eye buggers, or wiping sweat from your brow, toilet or tissue paper is indispensable on a long journey


Find out why tissue paper is always a must in my travel bag.




Emergency tampon


-nothing worse than starting your monthly on a long travel day but nothings worse (and more uncomfortable) than being unprepared. 1-2 tampons can save your or another travelers life in this situation.


Alternatively, use a menstrual cup.




She Pee


-some transport companies can be ruthless with girls bathroom needs and only pull over in the side of the road when in their best interest. (Has anyone else traveled in Vietnam by bus?)

Avoid getting left behind with a female urinal device. You can stand with the boys while discreetly reliving your bladder.






-sunny day, sunglasses make the perfect sleeping aid on early morning rides. You’ve got them, have them handy.




-hard-boiled eggs, fruit, or sandwiches make ideal snacks for any road trip but they’ll also help keep your tummy happy in case there aren’t any scheduled food stops in your journey. This happens all too often so even if it’s a chocolate bar, pack something that will tie you over just in case.





-one of the best ways to distract yourself or lull yourself to sleep is to listen to the soothing sound of your favorite tunes. Make sure to charge this gadget the night before a long journey. For those with motion sickness, download a couple if audio books. They’ll keep you entertained without making you various from reading.


Check out our electronic checklist.



Kindle or Book


– for those that don’t get motion sickness, take that book you’ve been waiting to read and tune the world out as you immerse yourself in a good story. You’ll be at your destination before you know it.






– warmth, squatting coverage, pillow, or fashion; a scarf is a must have travel essential for any trip. Keep it close by on long transport days.



What are your essentials for long travel days?


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