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The end of the season sales are coming soon so we thought we’d share some of the most versatile items for summer. Shop for warm weather travels to use now or later!


Summer Fashion

Written By: Nina Thomas


Some items have so many ways they can be worn that it just makes sense to bring them on your travels. A lot of these have been talked about before; like the classic little black dress (“LBD”) or a scarf.

However, there are a few other items from summer fashion 2018 that I think work great for warm weather trips. Find out what they are!




Denim Jean Jacket and Sleeveless Vest


Denim vest


Denim jackets are great, but a denim vest is more versatile. It works well in all seasons, not just summer; you can wear it over a sweater or plaid shirt in cold weather.

For summer, wear it over any type of dress–like a maxi, sundress, or even a skirt and top. You could wear it with leggings and a t-shirt, tank top, or crop top. In fact, certain vests can even be worn as a top without the need to layer underneath.

There are really endless ways to make this look work. It makes a great accessory, plus it has pockets, so it might eliminate the need to carry a bag or purse!


Take a look at these lightweight jackets for summer travel!




Bella Easy Care 3/4 Sleeve Woven Shirt Plus


White button-down


The classic white button down is a must-have for your capsule wardrobe, in my humble opinion.

It goes with every season. For summer, you can wear it with a skirt, with leggings, or even over your bathing suit as a coverup. It also works well over a sundress for breezy summer evenings.

Instead of bringing a wool cardigan, this works well as a lighter option for a coverup. You could wear it with trendy silk shorts for an evening out, or tucked into denim shorts for a more casual, farmer-chic look.


We also love shirt dresses, too. Find out how to wear a shirt dress for vacation!







I love bandanas because you can wear one as a headband while hiking to keep the sweat off your face, you can wear one as a scarf with a dress, or tie it up for a thick bracelet.

They’re inexpensive, available everywhere, and are so small that you can bring a few with you on your travels!


Take a look at these fashionable summer accessories!




Printed Elastic Waistband Flared Sleeve Romper




Rompers may win for the widest versatility–you can wear one from brunch to beach to bed. Female travelers love them!

I love wearing rompers over bathing suits, to sleep in, or with a vest and a hat (yet another way to wear that denim vest!) It’s a great summer fashion item and doesn’t take up a lot of suitcase space.

They’re an awesome alternative to dresses and vary in style from casual to sophisticated. Like a dress, they’re a stand-alone outfit, making it easy to plan your summer wardrobe.


Don’t like shorts? You can also find rompers with pant legs!


What are your favorite items from summer fashion?  Share below!


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