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Fashionistas rejoice – your days of freezing for the sake of fashion are over. The Secret Sweater is here!


Secret Sweater Product Review





What is the Secret Sweater?


The Secret Sweater is an item of clothing you wear underneath your outerwear to provide you a discreet layer of warmth. While it’s meant to be worn underneath a jacket, it also makes the ideal emergency layer to carry in your purse on summer vacations.


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Why I Love This Item?


I personally love this item because it allows me to rock an awesome outfit without suffering in the cold. Some looks just don’t require thick jackets and layers especially when you have a business meeting, are attending a special event, or are going out at night to a nice dinner or club.

When I’m not traveling in tropical climates, I live in my leather jacket. The problem is that it’s mildly warm but it does make all my outfits look great. Consequently, I find myself colder than I’d like on certain occasions in the spirit of fashion as I’m sure many of you do, too.





The Secret Sweater provides the perfect solution for women that want to add warmth without the bulk. After carefully assessing this item, I’ve determined that it can be a good addition for certain types of travel such as for vacation or business and that it also makes a great addition to your regular wardrobe at home, too.





I wore it in the images above by the seaside in Long Beach, California. This item is perfect for Southern California weather; when it cools down at night it’s convenient to have a discreet layer!



Read the below scenarios to determine if the Secret Sweater is right for you


The Secret Sweater is Great When:


  • You’re going on a short vacation and can use this item under thin outerwear such as a blazer, oversized cardigan style sweater, leather jacket or light coat
  • You’re traveling in the Spring or Autumn transitional climates
  • You need a layer of warmth during flights and train/bus rides that have strong air conditioning
  • You are planning a beach vacation or if you are traveling to a hot destination where you know you won’t need a jacket but might need an occasional layer of warmth
  • You will be visiting destinations with temples or other religious building where your shoulders and arms need to be temporarily covered


You Can Skip the Secret Sweater If:


  • You’re going to very cold climates – you should pack more substantial layers and wool fabrics.
  • You’re going on long term or RTW trips. If you have a trip longer than 2 weeks then you need more versatile clothing and carefully planned outfits.


Additional Uses:


The great thing is that you can use this item on your travels but you can also wear it at home as well.

  • Wear it in your office under blazer or other light jacket
  • Wear it under a blazer during business meetings or professional events
  • Wear it under items such as leather jackets that look stylish but aren’t very warm
  • Wear it under a light jacket or blazer on special occasions such as weddings
  • Wear it to stand in line at a club or under a light jacket for an outdoor dinner




To buy the Secret Sweater, visit their website or shop on Amazon.


What are your thoughts on a discreet layer of warmth under your favorite jacket?

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