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Packing cubes are great! They’ve revolutionized the way we pack. However, if you don’t have enough time to buy the set you want, here are four alternate travel organizers – budget friendly too!


4 Random Travel Organizers




Zip top plastic storage bags


This is the traditional go-to for additional packing help. Lightweight and portable, it’s always useful to pack extra plastic storage bags. The zip top bags are ideal as it’s easier to squeeze air out. Additionally, these remain versatile for transporting everything from cameras to food to small accessories.




Toiletry cases


Sometimes I’ll test out a toiletry case and decide that it doesn’t work for my travel needs. This leaves me with a lot of unused toiletry cases.

Instead of wasting valuable closet space, I’ve started using them to pack my smaller items like tank tops, socks, and underwear. These bags have the added benefit of keeping things organized even while you’re at your destination and minimizing the need for drawers or counter space. They can often be hung vertically and zip open for easy access to your clothing.




Drawstring bags


Before packing cubes became popular, drawstring bags were the “it” thing in packing. I have an old cotton set with photos of bathing suits and other travel items. I still use them for my dirty clothes.

I like drawstring bags because they’re easily stored inside your luggage and barely take up any space. Like the zip top plastic storage bags, they are versatile and can be used as a carrying bag on the go.




Plastic souvenir packing bags


I like to bring back edible souvenirs when I travel. On a recent trip to Honolulu, I bought bulk packages of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts which are often packed together in a durable plastic zipper bag. Although these can wear out over time, it’s useful to save them for use as a spare travel organizer.

New bed sheets are also packaged in reusable plastic cases. I keep different sized bags to serve as my overflow packing cubes, depending on whether I take a backpack, a day bag, or a wheeled carry-on. It’s also a great way to recycle something that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.



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