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Traveling while pregnant and unsure of what to pack? You’re far from alone. In fact, it’s common for pregnant women to wonder what’s okay and what’s a no-no. Here are ten travel essentials to help you have a comfortable trip at all stages of your pregnancy!


Pregnancy Travel Essentials

Written By: Rachel Campbell


We’ve gone ahead and compiled a useful list of things to pack for each stage of your pregnancy, ensuring that you’ll be traveling in style while at the same time staying as comfortable as possible.

Most airlines won’t allow women to fly once they reach 34 or 36 weeks.

One of the most important things you can carry with you is a letter from the doctor letting airlines know that you are not only cleared to fly, but are in good health as well.

Though you may not like the idea of having to get one, you can easily have one written up for you at your standard prenatal appointment. .

As each stage of pregnancy can differ widely from the next, it’s important to know what to pack for each one, especially if you plan on venturing out on several different trips before your due date.

And although you may think that maternity clothes and extra comforts are inhibiting in terms of packing, they’re not at all! In fact, you can easily fit all you need in one carry-on, especially with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing. Even better? You can use most of the items below over and over again, even until the very end.




BCozzy Pillow | Cabeau Pillow


A pillow


No matter what stage you are in during your pregnancy, traveling with a small pillow will make any flight instantly more comfortable. This is because, even during the first few months, your body is changing rapidly, making for extra achy muscles.

Using a travel pillow behind your head or even pressed against your side will help. This is also true during use of your rental car if you get one.


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Meridian | Ozone


A carry-on with wheels


After a few months of carrying a little one, the last thing you’ll want to do is put a heavy bag over your shoulder. That’s why a carry-on with built in wheels that will glide effortlessly as you walk will become your best friend.


We’ve got our latest round up of the best carry-on suitcase for travel!




Maternity Legging




Easy to pack, easy to match with and even easier to put on, leggings are a great choice for those who love function as much as they adore style. Whether you’re looking at regular leggings in the next size up or eyeing those cute maternity leggings in purple, you’ll want to pack a few pairs for your next trip.


Find out the best leggings for women who travel!




Maxi Dress | Maxi Skirt


Long dresses and maxi skirts


Just like leggings, both maxi skirts and long dresses are ideal for trips pretty much anywhere (as long as it’s warm enough). Remember to try on long skirts and dresses before buying them.

Not only do you have to account for a growing belly but also for the fact that you won’t be wearing your favorite pumps with your new outfit. This can mean that a dress that would normally be just the right length is now a bit too long, creating a falling hazard.


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Maternity Belt


Bump Band


One of the best things ever created, a bump band is simply a band that wraps around your bump, helping to provide a bit of extra support where you need it most.

Not only is this a dream item for most pregnant women, but it’s also super light weight and folds into basically nothing, meaning that it’ll hardly take up any space in your carry-on.


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Alessia Flat | Jutti Flat


Ballet Flats


Though packing comfortable shoes is a must during any portion of your pregnancy, the last few months will find you needing them the most. A great shoe is one that slips on, is flexible and has little to no heel on it.


We’ve got a round up of the most cute and comfortable ballet flats to wear at home and abroad!




Tank Top | Embroidered Top


Clothes made out of Jersey knits


Fantastic because they stretch while at the same time being super comfortable, jersey knits are a great choice for any time during your pregnancy but will be most appreciated during the last few months.

They’re also pretty light weight and pack nicely in carry-ons, whether you like to fold your clothes or roll them up.


Watch this video to see how to pack your clothing in a carryon!




Square Scarf | Wayfarer Scarf




Easy to pack, scarves are the perfect accessory, even for pregnant women. This is especially true during the early stages of pregnancy when you’ve just started to show but don’t yet have that ‘look at me, I’m going to have a baby soon!’ look.

To hide that not yet a full bump, all you have to do is wear the scarf facing down like a tie and you’re covered! Literally.


Check this out for even more scarf designs to choose from!




Military Anorak Vest




If you love to add layers to your outfits, then the vest is most likely already one of your favorites. Not only will a vest help to add a little bit of definition to where you may not feel you look your best, but it can also add a bit of warmth on a windy day.


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What are your pregnancy travel essentials? Please share in the comments!


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