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Packing for a trip is always the hardest part for me. I like to travel super light, but as a fashion lover I also like to bring lots of options! So how did I manage to spend 10 days in Morocco with just a small weekender duffle bag? Read on for my must-haves for staying fabulous while packing light…


A Fashionista’s Must Have Travel Essentials

by Anna Rice with The Weekend Jetsetter





Black jeggings


(or a pair of black shorts when it’s hot). It’s all about things you can wear more than once. That means black jeggings are on heavy rotation, since they match all my tops and shoes. Plus, it won’t show if you spill something on them on day one. The hot weather equivalent would be a pair of loose black silky shorts.


A stylish leather jacket


Something else that matches everything and can be worn for both day and night, my leather jacket is still my favorite investment. Wear it on the plane, since this will be your bulkiest piece.


An assortment of flats


My favorite brand is Yosi Samra because theirs are foldable, made with real leather, durable and comfortable. I can pack five different colored pairs together in my bag and they only take up about six inches of space – perfect for adding a pop of neon or leopard print to an otherwise simple ensemble. I also love Keds – they have lots of fun casual but cute sneaker options that are great for walking around the city.




One pair of “practical” shoes that are supportive


Don’t be that person complaining your feet hurt! Whether you are going hiking, a long day walking tour, or trekking through the snow, make sure you are informed so you can bring appropriate footwear.


At least one pair of heels


I love going out at night to experience the local scene, and in cities like Paris, Milan, New York and Marrakech you are definitely going to feel out of place in sneakers or flats. And even if you’re not heading to a major city, it’s my personal philosophy that there’s ALWAYS room in your bag for a pair of heels!


Fewer clothes, more accessories


I might only bright three to five outfits with me on a 10 day trip, but you can bet I have ten fun accessories packed up. From statement necklaces to earrings, chunky bracelets, scarves and belts, accessories take up much less space and allow you get creative with just a t-shirt and jeggings.


Non-wrinkling tops


Many people think that irons are widely available, but I’ve been to quite a few places that don’t provide one. Skip the whole hassle and simply pack versatile silk tops, long sleeve button downs and luxe cashmere-blend tees that don’t wrinkle. You can wear them during the day, but they’re also appropriate for a night out. Keep in mind the local culture – tank tops aren’t appropriate everywhere.




Two nice-ish dresses


Even if you don’t have a fancy night out planned, you should still pack for any occasion. You never know what could happen!


Zip lock bags, and lots of them


Keep jewelry, socks, bras, underwear and toiletries together but separate. Organizing them into bags will make it easy to unpack and repack for multiple destinations, find what you’re looking for, and of course, prevent your sunscreen from exploding all over your favorite top.


Anna Rice is a fashion publicist in New York who loves to travel. For more stylish travel tips, check out Anna’s blog: The Weekend Jetsetter.

What are your stylish packing tips?

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