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Have you ever stressed out about packing for a long trip to multiple destinations? One reader was struggling with this challenge: how to pack for a six week trip to three countries on two continents. Keep reading to find out my tips!


How to Pack for a Long Trip to Multiple Destinations




Q: I have just recently come across your website when searching for information for my upcoming trip at the end of June this year. This is the first trip that both my husband and I will be having that is outside of Australia. Very Excited!!

My question is how do you choose the perfect suitcase or luggage for traveling? I don’t want a boring luggage set. It needs to have a personality of its own – not that I am trying to be picky.


A. Read our step-by-step guide on how to choose the best suitcase for travel. Also, here are twenty popular suitcase recommendations by travel experts and our round-up of luggage brands with non-boring carry-on suitcase designs.




Q. We are heading on a 17 day tour around Italy and spending a couple of days in Paris before heading to the US for 19 days. There is so much to think about such as how do I pick outfits to suit all the locations I am traveling too while trying to pack light AND trying to fit into the customs and cultures of where we are traveling too?


A. The good news is that the trip isn’t as tricky as you think.

  • You pretty much can wear the same clothing everywhere
  • The weather should generally be moderate to hot

If you base your capsule wardrobe on what to wear in Paris then you’ll look classic and chic for Italy as well. One thing to keep in mind for your stop in the US is that it is more casual than Europe. However, this doesn’t mean you need an entirely different wardrobe. There are too many personalities in the States to try to fit into one mold so pretty much anything goes: you can wear the same things you did in Europe.


Start by reading these packing tips:



Outfit idea: Lush Dress & Accessories


Because you’ll be moving around so much, especially on a tour, comfort should be your number one priority.

Summer dresses, basic separates, and neutral versatile shoes will be your best friends. Add a few light layers for fluctuations in weather and choose a few key accessories to diversify the effects of your outfits.

Three pairs of shoes are suggested with two of these being absolutely comfortable and the third being a cute option for dressing up (but still comfortable if possible). After 6 weeks of non-stop sightseeing I imagine your feet will thank you if you take it easy on them and stretch out their longevity.


Read this guide on how to choose the best travel shoes. For your itinerary I’d focus 100% on comfort first, style second.




Q. We will be traveling for 6 weeks; do I take two suitcases; what is the best luggage to purchase where I can pack  as much as I can into it without weighing too much? I just don’t know where to start.


A. Believe it or not, you can pack carry-on size because you can utilize the same capsule wardrobe in all destinations. You don’t necessarily need to pack two suitcases (unless you and your husband are each taking one). Remember, the secret to traveling for long periods of time is to choose fabrics you can re-wear and also to plan on doing laundry once a week if possible or at least half way through your trip.

The last thing you want to do is lug two massive suitcase in and out of a tour coach and into a new hotel every day of your trip. Make it easy on yourself. The lighter you pack, the more enjoyable your trip. You’ll be moving around pretty quickly so you can re-use the same looks in every other city. No one will know but you!


This master class on packing light is the perfect resource for your trip. It will help you relieve your pre-planning stress as I walk you through my exact process of how to choose the best clothing and fabrics for any trip. I’ve just set off on the next segment of my long term travels and I’ll be on the road for four months in one carry-on suitcase – take the challenge and learn my secrets!




Q. Where I am going, no one is going to know me and that gives me a lot of confidence in myself. It’s like I am piecing together my own storyline for an amazing adventure and I am the main character. This might come across crazy but to me this is going to be a trip of a lifetime and I want every moment to count.


A. Packing items that make you feel good is the golden rule when it comes to packing! My biggest travel fashion tip is to make sure that no matter what exciting new persona you adopt for your trip that you are 100% comfortable physically and personally wearing the clothing that you choose for your new travel character.



What would you advise someone in the same packing dilemma? Please share it below!


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