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Normally, I don’t endorse traveling with a cell phone. However, a smart phone like an iPhone is the perfect gadget while traveling. It’s small, lightweight, and has multi-functional uses. Even a Netbook gets tiring after a while so eliminate the bulk and travel with a smart phone.


Travel in Style with Must Have Gadgets!


These are my Top 5 Reasons my Must Have Travel Gadget is a Smart Phone


Stay in Touch


A smart phone has the ability to let you stay in touch with your loved ones at home without the need of a cell phone calling plan. With awesome apps like Rebtel, you can stay in touch with friends and family all over the globe without having to buy a long distance phone card. It’s free to download and has really cheap international calling rates. So much so I seem to call home more than I do when I’m not traveling!


Listen to Your Favorite Tunes


A smart phone doubles as an MP3 Player amongst so many other things. Music is crucial with so many long transportation journeys that are a massive aspect of travel. Music provides endless entertainment and helps set the mood for your trip. Personal tip: if you get motion sickness, download some Audio Books so you can still “read” without the nauseating side effects. I download favorite books I’ve already read which makes it easier to follow along.


Capture Memories


iPhone cameras boast quality pictures and great videos. Replace your point and shoot entirely or use your smart phone as a pocket camera when you don’t want to lug around your DSLR. Take pictures easily and update your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and every other Social Media vehicle you can think of. One of my biggest regrets is buying an iPod Touch. All the features are the same as an iPhone except for the picture quality. Big mistake.




Watch movies, read books, and play games among the many other ways you can play with a smart phone. I won’t even get started with the million apps available for everything under the sun. One of my favorite ways to pass the time is playing Sudoku. What can I say? I’m an addict!


Digital Guide Books


One of the best things to happen to travelers are digital guidebooks. While I love the feel of a nice guide book, it’s nice to use digital versions when you have a long journey ahead of you. Those books can add up to several kilos in extra weight – certainly not helpful if you plan to pack light!


As with any electronic device, you have to take extra care of your favorite travel gadgets when traveling. I learned the hard way that electronics, rain forests, and monsoons just don’t mix. Use a waterproof case to prevent water damage to your phone and protect it with a hard phone case to avoid scratches and cracks.


If you travel with a smart phone, share your traveling pros and cons.  I only listed my top 5 reasons but I’d love to hear yours! As always, please share and re-tweet this post.  Thanks for reading!