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Every time Vacay announces a new collection, they seem to take travel fashion to the next level. They’re at it again and this time they’ve introduced the new Versatiles Collection! It’s sure to become a staple in your travel wardrobe. Have a look!


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Versatile Vacation Clothing



When I went on my honeymoon to the Maldives in 2015, packing was a little different than what I was used to.  Sure, I’ve packed for many beach vacations, so I knew what I needed. But a honeymoon is such a special trip and the memories of that trip need to stand up to the test of time. This was just one of the reasons why I was so excited to take with me a capsule collection from a brand I had just discovered called Vacay.

Vacay is a San Francisco based company that creates 5-piece collections that mix and match to create 15 or more outfits. Packing for such an important trip, I wanted to bring pieces that were versatile and gorgeous and Vacay did not disappoint. In fact, that was the first post I ever wrote about this brand and they have since continued to expand their offerings.


See exactly how six pieces create fifteen outfits!





Funny enough, the idea for this brand first came to founder Elizabeth Hynes on her own honeymoon.

The Vacay concept was invented to solve her major packing problem. Elizabeth found herself on a small sailboat for her honeymoon – and not just for a week or two – she and her husband decided to quit their corporate jobs and travel around the world on a sailboat they aptly named “Honeymoon!”

Faced with the dilemma of having a tiny boat closet to store clothing to last her for a 15-month trip around the world with different climates (from major metropolitan cities to jungle treks), Elizabeth decided to create a clothing brand focused on maximizing each item so they can mix and match with one another, providing ultimate versatility.





Necessity brought about ingenuity and Elizabeth created the perfect capsule wardrobe by selecting versatile pieces in solid, neutral colors like black, navy and white to be the cornerstone pieces of the capsule. Then she sprinkled in a few statement pieces in fun prints and stripes to mix and match with the solids to create a ton of multiple looks out of a small amount of clothing. This worked like a charm!





After returning home to San Francisco, Elizabeth rejoined the merchandising department for Banana Republic but continued to think about her capsule wardrobe idea. Where she used to struggle to pack for any trip, she now found packing a breeze by using the strategy. She knew many women might have the same issues so she decided to found a company with the mission of helping women look their best on vacation and pack smart.

The pressure to look great on vacation is higher than ever thanks to social media. However, the benefits of traveling light are too great to ignore. Most women end up wearing half of what they pack for vacation and many pay extra baggage fee charges and spend extra time waiting for their bag to emerge from baggage claim. Or even worse, they suffer through their vacation because their bag never makes it!





Vacay has the unique ability to combine the functionality of travel clothing with a feminine and stylish touch. They’ve taken the capsule wardrobe to the next level as they actually “pack” for you.

Their 5-piece collections can easily mix and match with two wardrobe essentials from your own closet to create 15+ amazing outfits. Thus a very small amount of clothing can style you for a 2-week vacation. Voila- easy, breezy carry-on packing!




Avalon Collection


Since Vacay starts the design process with versatility in mind, each and every piece is designed to create multiple looks. With the most versatile being the 2-piece dresses and 2-piece jumpsuits.

Traditionally, these pieces are one outfit only but as a 2-piece, this ingenious design easily translates into four or more outfits. So even if you are not ready to invest in a full collection, you can enjoy the benefits the brand has to offer.






Over the past three years, Elizabeth has learned a lot about what customers want and need and now is launching a new system of solid easy mix and match pieces to be the new cornerstones of all new collections called Vacay Versatiles.

Each Vacay Versatile or “VV” piece is designed for versatility and made with a newly sourced knit fabric that is super-soft, easy to care for, and wrinkle resistant. And every piece in this collection moving forward will be in the same fabric, so if you get a piece now in navy, several months later you can add another navy piece to your closet and it will match perfectly.




Vacay Versatile Collection


Now you have the option to create your own 2-piece dress by combining your favorite top silhouette with your favorite skirt/dress silhouette in either navy or black. The initial launch of VV will include 2 tops silhouettes: the VV Halter Top and the VV One Shoulder Top in both navy and black and three convertible skirt/dress silhouettes: the VV Tiered, the VV Twist, and the VV Ruched all in navy and black.


I am so excited about this concept and we have partnered with Vacay to offer TFG readers a discount code for 25% off any purchase through the end of 2018. Just enter the code ALEX25 at checkout.


Click on the images of the new product below to see it on the website and get more details. Which is your favorite?




Convertible Tiered Dress


Convertible Twist Skirt



Convertible Ruched Dress



One Shoulder Top



Halter Top


Now armed with the Vacay Versatiles, Elizabeth has moved back aboard a sailboat with her husband and their three young sons (8, 7, and 5) to explore the world in style, truly putting her concept to the test, and of course enjoying another trip of a lifetime! If you are interested in her family’s current voyage, you can follow her family on social media @SVARCHER as well get updates on Elizabeth’s Travel & Style reports on the VacayStyle blog.





What items would you use to mix & match? Share and comment below!


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