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One of the most challenging aspects of packing for long term travelers is when you travel to destinations with varying climates.

“How can you be prepared for everything with just the contents of one travel bag?”

Keep reading to find out my tips!


Secret to Easily Transition from Hot to Cold Weather


On my RTW trip, I very foolishly carried around thermals for seven months through summer climates when I did not even need them until the last month of my trip (when I’d be traveling and camping in Africa in the winter). Why didn’t I just buy them at my final destination?


My 3 Step Process

As a long term traveler, I’ve learned my lessons and now I just buy things as I go.

When I transitioned from ultra-hot Southeast Asia to the bitter cold of the UK last winter, I took the following steps to ensure I’d be prepared for the drastic change in weather:

  1. I planned my new capsule travel wardrobe for England in the winter as you can see in the below pic.
  2. I bought warm leggings and a sweater in Bangkok to get me through my arrival in London.
  3. I went shopping the next day and bought my new capsule wardrobe items from budget stores such as Primark and H&M so I wouldn’t break my travel budget



all items featured above above are from H&M


And there you go. It was that easy to transition through climates without dragging around clothing I didn’t need all year long. I spent several months in the UK before heading back to winter in Los Angeles. In between I also went to Spain for 2 weeks.

Learn how I packed for Europe’s Budget Airlines despite their super strict carry-on guidelines. Not only did I make use of every item I purchased but by buying upon arrival it also ensured that:

  • My clothing items would be appropriate for my destination
  • My fabrics were made for the local weather
  • And my items were up to date and “in-style” as opposed to out of date old pieces.

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How do you deal with drastic changes in climate on your travels?

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