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KOOSHOO is a recently discovered gem of a company that makes beautiful and sustainable fashion accessories. Best of all, the products are designed by travelers for travelers!

In early March the company launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their newest travel-friendly product, a super versatile hand dyed shawl that becomes 12 different outfits. Within 4 days they’d met their initial funding goal.


The Latest Versatile Travel Wear – Kooshoo




Now, with just 2 days left to capitalize on the great deals to be had with their Kickstarter, here’s a quick backgrounder on what the company is all about:

Four years ago husband and wife yoga teachers, Jesse Schiller and Rachel Evans, quit their career jobs, packed their belongings into storage and left on 1-way tickets to Asia. Within a year their lives had forever been changed.


“Travelling overland through Asia we were struck by the environmental and human harm caused by our western push for fast fashion,” says co-founder Jesse. “We wanted to show that it didn’t have to be this way so we returned home to Vancouver intent on building a business that would provide a better option to fast fashion”


And that’s exactly what they have done.

A little over a year ago the couple launched KOOSHOO, a line of ethically made fashion headbands, hairties, and shawls that are woven, dyed, cut and sewn in downtown Los Angeles. They called the company KOOSHOO – which means feeling good in Rachel’s native Norfolk Island language – because their goal is to leave every person involved in their supply chain feeling good. This diagram essentially sums up what that means…




As mentioned off the top, one of the best things about the young brand is that the products have all been designed with travelers in mind. “As lifelong travellers ourselves, we understand how precious bag space is while on the road”, states Rachel, the company’s lead designer “that’s why our design goal is always to create that one indispensable product that goes with you everywhere”.

The result of this design ethos is great looking products that are light weight, easy to care for and versatile enough to transition seamlessly from a day on the beach to a night on the town.

The company’s current Kickstarter product, the Journey Shawl, is a perfect example of this design philosophy in action. Each of the 5 hand dyed shawls are designed to transform seamlessly into 12 different outfits… to a scarf, blouse, poncho, dress and more. They’re made from soft-as-silk Tencel (sustainably harvested Eucalyptus trees) and dyed by an artist’s hand right in downtown LA so that every piece is essentially a one-of-a-kind work of art.




The company ships worldwide and the shawls will be ready for an end of May delivery, just in time for a busy summer traveling season. Check out their Kickstarter video and if you have any questions, you can reach out to the founders, Jesse and Rachel, on their Facebook page here.


If you are interested in joining the campaign, it ends April 2nd at midnight Pacific Time. Here is the link:

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