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Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler, Alexandra Kovacova, has traveled all over the world and knows a thing or two about – well, looking good. She has an awesome travel blog featuring exotic destinations along with a new exciting Adventure and Spa project for 2013. In today’s Travel Fashion Girl interview, Alexandra shares her travel tips and packing advice.


Interview with Alexandra Kovacova


Q: Do you travel with a backpack or a suitcase?

Depends on where and what I’m going to do there. In Europe I travel mostly with a suitcase, North America too. But in South America and Asia it is a backpack.


Q: Looking back at your travels, how do you feel about your original clothing and toiletry selections as opposed to the items you pack now?

I think what I pack has not changed much during the past years. I have always packed very light as I don’t like to carry a lot of stuff. I prefer comfortable clothes and shoes when traveling and not a lot of toiletries.


Q: What items do you pack that make you feel extra “sexy and fun”?

Always miniskirts and dresses that can be used both at the beach and for a night out, also leggings are my favorites.


Q: Did you ever discover the need for any additional gear during one of your trips?

Yes, a Mac probably for longer battery life (I use a laptop) and a Drift camera for my extreme adventures (I am getting one soon).


Q: What are your favorite travel shoes?

The only two pair of shoes I bring on the road are flip-flops and sport shoes.



Q: What changes have you made in your travel beauty routine since you started traveling?

I hardly ever use make-up when I travel. And I don’t carry a comb with me, just use fingers to style my hair. It only takes me 5 minutes to make myself look like a human and go to the street which I find very useful.


Q: Every traveler has a different opinion about travel underwear. How many do you think is a good number and is there room for a sexy pair?

Yes, of course there is always room for sexy underwear but it has to be comfortable too. And I don’t think I have ever had more than 10 pieces of underwear with me, not even for long trips.


Q: You look great in a bathing suit! How many pairs do you think is good to pack for one trip?

It also depends on how long the trip will be. I usually carry only one or two bikinis (even for a 6-month trip), never more. You would really learn a lot from my light packing. And thanks so much for your compliment.


Q: Finally, any travel packing tips for new travelers?

Only take with you what you are 100% sure of you will wear and use, something you use in every-day life too. Take clothes that fit with everything so it will make it easy for you to combine them. And trust me, you don’t need a lot of cosmetics, just the main beauty products. Think light. I sometimes take just bio coconut oil with me that I use instead of a face cream, eye cream, hand cream and also body lotion – 4 in 1.


Thank you Alexandra! Don’t forget to check out Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler for the ultimate wanderlust rush!


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