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Today’s travel fashion girl is Modupe Sonuyi from the blog Let’s Go Yesterday.  Aside from the gig that pays the bills, she’s a full-time dreamer and adventurer. Intrigued by the wonders and whimsies of the world, she’s constantly plotting her next opportunity to grab a camera and explore the beauty, life and culture of unfamiliar (and not so unfamiliar) lands!

Read on to learn about her travel style and along with her top packing tips!


Interview: Modupe Sonuyi




Q: How would you describe your travel style?

My travel style is extremely moody! Whenever I travel to a new country or city, I really enjoy sitting back and soaking up the vibes I pick up from the people, sights, sounds and culture. Might sound weird, but I really do let those sensory overloads influence what I wear when I travel.


Q: Do you prefer to travel carry-on or with a regular size suitcase or bag?

If I’m traveling to some place tropical for less than a week, I definitely use a carry on. Otherwise, it’s a regular sized suitcase for me! Right now I’m pretty smitten with Lo & Son OG travel bag. With pockets galore, I can have all my travel necessities at my fingertips.


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Q: Are you an overpacker or do you underpack?

Sadly, I am a bona fide over packer. I’m currently looking for a cure…


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Q: How do you stay stylish while traveling without access to an entire closet?

Remember when Cher used to take Polaroids? Well, selfies are the new Polaroids! Seriously, selfies help a lot! Before packing, I try on my outfits from head to toe, accessories included, then start snapping away. This way I’ll packed full ‘looks’ and skip the hassle of ‘what to wear’ when I’m abroad or overpacking.


Q: What are your three must have travel essentials?

My three must have traveling essentials are a pair of distressed denim, a crisp white tee and my Sony NEX-6.


Q: What destination was the most fun to dress for?

Definitely NYC, the city where anything goes!




Q: What destination surprised you the most with the ways locals dressed or their type of clothing?

I’d say Bhutan. It can get pretty chilly there nestled among the Himalayas yet the men stick to a native dress called a Gho, where their knees are exposed! Brrrrrrrr.


Q: What’s your preferred travel outfit on a plane?

Layering is key! You never know what polarized atmosphere you’ll find on those long haul flights. My preferred outfit for a long flight is a pair of distressed denim, a white t-shirt, sweater, patterned scarf, leather jacket and flat espadrilles.


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Q: What are your favorite travel accessories?

My favorite travel accessories are an open heart and an open mind.




Q: What are your favorite travel beauty essentials?

Beauty essentials are so important! Whenever I take my skin to foreign climates, what I pack is key to keeping my skin from going absolutely berzerk. That’s why I have to pack Oil of Olay Quench body lotion/facial moisturizer, ProActiv & Neutrogena Sunblock.


Q: Do you have any specific hair or makeup products that work great for travel?

Olive Oil! This abundantly available serum is a life saver. Hair, skin, face you name it my entire body benefits from this oil. Thus far, one of the best things about this travel essential is that if I forget to pack it, it’s pretty easy to find anywhere in the world!


Q: How many pairs of shoes do you travel with and what styles?

Is ‘a lot’ a number? Staying true to my overpacker nature, I pack flats, heels, espadrilles, sandals, mid heel, stilettos, small ones, fat ones, striped, green , blue, red…I think you get the picture! If it weren’t for shoes, I’d be a more sensible packer.


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Q: Do you have any recommendation for cute or comfortable footwear?

Unfortunately, I’m still looking!


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Q: What was your biggest travel fashion or packing mistake?

One of my biggest fashion mistakes occurred when I traveled to catch an aerial view of Navagio Beach in Zakynthos, Greece. I didn’t know there was a hidden path that allowed you to get a spectacular view of the beach. I wore the wrong footgear while hiking on what seemed like the edge of the earth!


Q: Finally, any travel packing tips for new travelers?

For new travelers, I would have to say try to avoid last minute packing. Especially, when you’re traveling abroad. Last minute packing only makes you frantic and less likely to to pack the necessities and more likely to pack the fluff.


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