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From Heather Stimmler-Hall, contributing editor of “Naughty New York: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City”; Travel Fashion Girl brings you a special type of packing list this holiday season. If you’re planning a special trip with your hunny, a fun girls only weekend, a bachelorette party, or a sexy solo adventure, this list is for you!


A Naughty Packing Guide

by Heather Stimmler-Hall





Looking for a completely different kind of adventure on your next trip to the Big Apple? Perhaps you’ll book a sexy weekend with your new lover, a getaway with the gals on the prowl, or even a solo journey to rekindle the flame of your inner femme fatale. No matter which fantasy you choose to indulge, like a good Girl Scout you’ll need to be prepared. Forget the regular packing list; naughtiness has its own rules!





For You and Your Man


Forget the windbreakers and cargo pants. New Yorkers won’t bat an eyelash whether you’re in a ballgown or a track suit, so let this be your chance to wear all those fancy outfits you never have the occasion to wear back home.

That means you also get to bring all of those fabulous stilettos you can only wear when you have a man’s arm to steady you (preferably a man who knows how to hail a cab, ahem).

Don’t you dare pack anything but the most exquisite lingerie you own. Don’t have any? Then bring none, and exclaim once checked into your hotel room, “Oh my! I totally forgot to pack panties!” After he’s completed a thorough strip search to verify this fact, lead him (and his Platinum card) to the nearest lingerie boutique for a few “investment ensembles”.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!




If you’ve gone the “sexy slumming” route of budget accommodations with that sexy-yet-broke artist-musician-actor  you’ve been hiding from your friends, don’t forget to bring some scented bath oils to erase any unpleasant aromas that may be lingering.

Pack plenty of extra scarves: use them to throw over any overly-bright lights in your hotel room, or to tie your naughty playmate to the bed (bonus: scarves don’t show up in airport x-ray machines like handcuffs).

Many rooms are equipped with an iPod docking station, so bring along a custom mix of sexy music for instant ambience (and to drown out any distracting sounds coming from adjacent rooms).


Use packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.




A Trip with the Gals


You can dress more fun and flirty when you’re traveling with the pack. There’s a certain amount of safety in numbers, as Carrie and the SATC ladies demonstrated. And hopefully your best friend will let you know when the hem of your skirt is tucked into your waistband.

Essential: Extra hangers and a spare hair dryer or two (perhaps even an electric power strip in case of an outlet shortage in the hotel room).

A pair of stylish roll-up ballerina flats that fit into your purse so you can slip them on once the partying has ended. It’s a lot easier to leap in front of taxis (or brave the subway when absolutely necessary) when you’re not teetering around on stilettos past 2am!

Sexy short-shorts if you and the ladies plan on joining a pole-dancing class.





A Note on In-Room Parties


While the creative minibar selection has come a long way in the past few years, it may be more economical to discreetly bring your own inaugural bottle of bubbly (this is when those hotel ice buckets come in handy). Just try and keep the feasting to a minimum and remember the cleaning staff are your friends; don’t leave food trash strewn around or stuffed into the tiny waste basket, take it out yourself. Ladies’ voices tend to carry, so be respectful of your neighbors, especially those couples trying to get into the mood, and take the raucous party down to the hotel bar where you’re liveliness – and gratuities – will be welcomed.





Solo Getaways


When choosing your clothes, try channeling the feminine, yet no-nonsense style of Lauren Bacall tailored pants with a cowl-neck sweater or crisp white shirt and a bright scarf. Above all, your travel wardrobe should be chic, yet comfortable and — most important – mobile. You don’t want to be slowed down by fussy ensembles or unreasonable shoes. Save the micro minis and macro-cleavage for the Bahamas. When you’re solo, the sexiest thing in your wardrobe should be your attitude.

An eyeshade and ear plugs for sleeping in late. There’s nothing sexier than a well-rested woman.

Calling cards. Bonus points if you’ve had them made especially for your trip. Much more elegant than scribbling your number on a wine coaster.

Sunglasses are a given for discreetly checking out the local talent. But don’t forget the stylish hat, as well. It comes in handy for bad hair days, and the good ones form a triple barrier to the sun, rain, and chilly air.

If you have nothing to wear, pack an empty suitcase and a built-in excuse to shop.





No One Should Leave Home Without…


While most of New York’s stylish hotels are now equipped with erotic toy kits, do bring any and all “sexual health” products that you usually use. Manhattan may be a 24-hour city, but late-night trips to the local drugstores in search of your preferred lube should not be on any couple’s naughty itinerary.



Thank you Heather for a sexy twist to the packing list. Don’t forget to check out Naughty Guides – a new generation of women’s travel guides! Buy before December 15th and a portion of your purchase will go towards charitable organizations helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy. *Images by Kirsten Loop.

Have you had a fun all-girls weekend away in New York?


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