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Still struggling to find the perfect travel shoes? I feel you. And so do most female travelers.

The biggest travel struggle for women is finding the perfect shoe that’s not only stylish but comfortable, too. In fact, comfort is the number one priority when choosing shoes.

The wrong shoes can ruin your entire trip. I should know; it happened to me.


How not to Choose Travel Shoes


A long time ago, I chose to pack my favorite shoes for a trip to Rome. They were so cute and I couldn’t wait to wear them with all the cute travel outfits I had planned.

After walking in them a few hours on a city sightseeing tour, I felt like each and every bone in my feet was crushed.

That was the first day of my trip. The rest of my trip I was in absolute agony and could hardly walk. All I wanted to do was hide out in my hotel room.

As I observed other female travelers, I started to get the feeling that I wasn’t alone.

Everyone was either wearing pretty yet impractical sandals or chunky trainers with summer dresses. I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d intended to wear their most stylish shoes on the trip but experienced excruciating pain and grabbed the first thing that would give them comfort.


The result: There were positively hideous outfits featuring mismatched clothing and shoes all over Rome–the kind of tourist clothing that makes people cringe.


I felt their pain. The very first thing I wanted to do was buy comfortable shoes. Dare I say, even Crocs.

From that day on, I understood that comfort was always number one.


One traveler swears by these travel shoes for Europe. Find out why!


Go for comfort not just style


It’s better to choose moderately stylish shoes that are comfortable than to travel with stylish shoes that will kill your feet and result in you desperately seeking anything that will bring relief.



Yoga Sandals | Lace-Up Sandal


Comfort shoes have made some major improvements over the past several years and have become very popular in fashion. Birkenstocks are one example–jetsetters rave about them. I’ve worn them, too, and they were great for back pain!



Buckle Waterproof Boot | Waterproof Elsa Boot


While comfortable sandals are great for hot weather trips, boots are one of the best travel shoes for cold weather trips.


Take a look at these waterproof boots for travel in the rain (or snow)!



Premium Insoles | Arch Support Insoles


That may come as a surprise, but the great thing about boots is that you have room to wear cozy socks and insoles, and many have a slight heel, offering some arch support.



Block Heel Bootie | Lace Up Boot


Ankle boots are ideal for travel, especially in autumn and spring temperatures. You can dress them up or down and stay dry in the rain.


Here are some tips on how to wear ankle boots!




Emery Oxford | Santorini Loafer


Loafers are also a popular choice for fall and spring. They can be paired with dressy shorts and dresses, too.



Slip On Sneaker | Shahira Sneaker


Sneakers are another popular style for fashion and travel at the moment. You can also insert insoles or choose ones with padding.


Here’s how to wear them in Europe.



Ballet Flat | Bow Ballet Flat


One thing to watch out for are ballet flats. They’re a fabulous travel shoe option, but make sure the ones you choose are comfortable for hours of walking!


These are the most comfortable ballet flats for travel!



Lily Moon Sandal | Lulu Mary Jane Flat


If heels are a must, try wedges. They’re a European favorite, especially when dealing with cobblestone streets. Choose the right pair and you can wear them for hours, instead of just to dinner and back to your hotel.


But choosing shoes is just one part of the process. There’s so much more to consider, like packing the right clothing, being prepared for everything, and dressing appropriately for your destination. You an find out what to wear for any destination by choosing one of these packing lists.


Avoid travel fashion mistakes


To help you avoid my travel fashion mistakes, I created an easy-to-read ebook on how to create a travel wardrobe that is not only functional but fashionable, too.

It shows you the secret to choosing the right clothing for your trip–plus how to travel carry-on only!


This awesome guide is called Pack Light Stylishly. Don’t let packing be a nuisance. Do it right every time! Download it here!


What are your tips for finding the perfect travel shoe? Share in the comments below!






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