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With the growing popularity of organic homemade beauty recipes, it seems that more cosmetic companies nowadays are adding natural beauty products to their offerings. The store shelves are quickly filling up with green and Paraben free options that have girls quickly opting for more natural options.

For you lucky globe trotters, the world is your natural beauty product playground! You have access to native fruits and vegetables during your travels that you might not normally have at home. It’s a perfect time to experiment with 100% natural products by creating your own!

Here is a compilation of natural beauty remedies for skincare using native fruits and veggies from an array of countries!


Natural Beauty Remedies that you Can Use for Skincare on the Road ! 

by Marisa C de Baca



Homemade Beauty Recipes and Remedies from Around the World



Mint Contains menthol, creating a cooling and cleansing effect. It is best mixed with Eucalyptus (grown in 90 countries so usually easy to find) for acne or sun burns. Can be used as a soothing body oil if mixed with lemon and lavender oil.

Found IN:  United States, India, China, and most of the Mediterranean




(Photo Credits to Brave Sir Robin)

If you travel in tropical regions you are more than likely going to find papaya. If and when you do find this magical fruit buy as much as you can for your beauty remedies.

Most of our problematic issues, whether that be hair or skin, come from within. So ultimately it would be best to ingest the fruit. If ingested, the anti-oxidants prevent wrinkles and premature aging of skin, while also lightening skin tone.

However if eating Papaya is not your thing that’s fine because topical application helps in prevention of pimples, removal of dead skin, and it also acts as a sunscreen. The fruit contains Papain which serves as an antibacterial and works great with healing wounds and even helps prevent scarring.

You can mix papaya with any natural oil mixture or mix it with coconut water, milk, or oil. If you find papaya you’ll also probably have access to coconuts to create a healthy face mask.




Friendly fact: India has the lowest percentage of skin cancer victims. Could it be because of this herb? Turmeric is an extremely beneficial herb that works as a skin fortifier, protector, and aid in healing. Most brides and grooms in India mix this herb in milk to make their skin glow before their weddings. Helps in lightening blemishes or evening discolored pigmentation.

Add to pineapple juice for dark circles under the eyes… yes this is great for long plane, train, car, and bus ride. Oh and not to mention exhausting jet lag. This can easily be transferred to a bottle for continuous use.

Places to be found: INDIA!!


Rice Flour

Rice flour can make a nourishing and soothing face mask – good for the treatment of blemishes, and wrinkles. Mix 1/4 cup of rice flour, 1/4 cup of milk, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on face for 20 minutes and remove

Best places to find: Asia






Good for anything — I seriously recommend this for every little thing! I never go anywhere without coconut oil.

I use it in my hair as a natural moisturizer and it gives me beautiful highlights. I use it on my skin for a fantastic all day moisturizer, a sun screen (works very well), GET THIS AND natural sun TAN lotion (so it works for great for tan junkies that don’t want to look like a raisin in your later years).

Washing your face with young coconut water is beneficial and keeps you blemish free. This is amazing as well: the transparent coconut water that comes out when the young coconut is first opened has the exact mineral content of human blood.                                  (Photo Credits to John Revo Puno)

Out of all of these recommendations if I had to choose just one it would by far be coconut. It also works as a bug repellent which is a bonus in the tropics.   

Where to find: the tropics



They say that avocado is mother nature’s skin care, and whoever they are, well they are not lying. Avocados have phytonutrients which is an enzyme that has incredible benefits for the health of the skin. The oil of the seed works to maintain an all over glow in your skin eliminating sun spots or damage active as the perfect natural moisturizer. It’s extremely useful as anti-aging remedy of the skin and increases nutrient absorption through the pores. It also aids in treating psoriasis, a skin disease that causes skin redness and irritation.

Where to find: South and Central America and Indonesia, Philippines, & Vietnam


Travel tip:  Pack 3 travel size reusable bottles with you on the road to store natural ingredients and other beauty finds along the way. This helps store irreplaceable items on the road.

Opting to make your own natural beauty remedies is also a helpful solution when you run out of your favorite products from home. You don’t have to worry about trying to read product ingredient labels or using items with harsh chemicals. Make sure you’re not allergic and remember, we’re not doctors so do your homework before trying something new.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Natural Beauty Recipes for Hair Care

If you have any homemade beauty recipes you’d like to share, please comment. Thanks for reading and please share this post with other travel fashion girls like you!