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A fashionable and reliable watch is a must-have when we’re on the go, especially for frequent flyers or travelers that like to stay close to home when they’re on the road. Dual timezone watches are the perfect option for travelers that like to rack up the miles!


Dual Timezone Watches


From sporty to stylish and even travel themed, these budget friendly dual time watches have the looks and functionality that every traveler needs when you’re on the go:



Louis Dior Unisex | Nava Wherever Clouds |  Pedre Unisex | Skagen Steel Collection | Puma Loop Digital | Casio Sport Pink Casio Poptone | Casio Baby-G Gem Dial


Out of these 9 dual timezone watches, my TFG pick is the Timex Ironman. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect watch. Because I travel consistently, I not only need a watch that can keep me in line with my current timezone but also with the one from home.

I usually use my iPod to tell me what time it is. The problem is, I like my time to be set to Pacific Standard time so I always know what time it is in Los Angeles. I then just do the math to transfer the time. This may sound stupid, but after five years on the road, it’s one of the best ways I can feel a little closer to home.

To be honest, watches have just never been me. I’d sooner tell the time from the sun’s position than wear a watch. But the time has come for me to get my first watch. Dual time zone watches are the perfect solution for a full time traveler like me.

As I enter into my sixth travel year, I think it’s time to finally get it together and get in the right zone.

Travel Tip: When traveling, remember that fancy watches can lure thieves in your direction. As with anything else, be mindful of wearing expensive jewelry and items that can draw unwanted attention. Store and lock your valuables when you’re not wearing them.


Do you use dual timezone watches? Share your favorite travel watches in the comments!


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