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Destination weddings are an incredibly special way to celebrate your special day. If you’re part of the bridal party, here are some suggested clothing tips!


Bridal Party Clothing Tips


You, the bride and groom, have decided to forgo the traditional route and instead you opt for a destination wedding. You may have even  added special custom touches such as a beach, vintage, or even travel themed wedding to your bridal party attire.

Warm weather, sandy beaches and a beautiful backdrop are all in store for you once you jet off to your destination. However, it is important to note that once you get to, say, Hawaii, you probably won’t want to be bundled up in your winter coat and snow boots.

While this example may be obvious to many, the point is that it’s vital to be fully prepared for the environment in which you’ll be landing. Depending on the wedding location, you will most likely be situated somewhere tropical and hot.

Because of this, it would be advised to follow these fashion tips for destination weddings.


The Groom


The traditional wedding day attire for a groom consists of a standard tux, usually black or dark blue. For a wedding taking place on the beach, the dark color and thick material a tux is made out of will make any man extremely uncomfortable after spending a few minutes in the sun. Instead, the groom should opt for a linen tux.

This casual but stylish alternative is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors, as you can see here on Studio Suits’ website. Not only will the groom now be comfortable to stand under the heat of the sun, but he will still keep a crisp and clean look for the big day.


The Bride


Large ball gowns, long trains and heavy fabrics should be avoided at all costs when it comes to a destination wedding. Not only would it be a hassle to transport the gown to the location, but the gown itself could turn into a wedding day disaster. For a large ball gown or long train, expect large amounts of sand to brown the edges of the skirt. Not only will this be an unpleasant site on a white gown, but it will become an annoyance when you begin to drag the sand across the entire venue.

A higher hemline is the simplest solution for this. Additionally, fabrics should also be taken into consideration when purchasing a gown. Certain materials are known for trapping heat inside, making it uncomfortable to stand in the sun for a long period of time. It would be best to go for a sheath gown that is made out of lightweight fabrics, like charmeuse, tulle and chiffon. Some wedding dress retailers, like David’s Bridals, make the search easy for beach brides by offering sections specifically for destination-suited garments.

Heels and close toed flats are definitely not ideal for walking on the sand. Because of this, “foot jewelry” has become a growing trend for beach brides. The jewelry allows you to go barefoot while simultaneously adding unique bedazzlement to your look.


The Bridal Party


The groomsmen and bridesmaids should adhere to the same rules as the bride and groom. Light weight linen tuxes should be an option for the men, but in a different color than what the groom will be wearing.

For the bridesmaids, style and fabrics also need to be taken into account. While it may not be an option for most brides to go for a short dress, this should definitely be considered for the bridesmaids. Shorter dresses will allow for more air flow, thus keeping the girls cooler when the sun is shining on them. Opt for breezy colors; diluted tints will add a rustic flair while bolder pigments will add a contemporary punch to the décor.


Taking note of the location, temperatures and weather will be a really big help when choosing the attire for a destination wedding. Keep in mind that you will want to be comfortable when standing up at the altar saying your vows, and the same goes for your bridal party since they will be standing up there with you. Dress accordingly and enjoy your special day!


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