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Why is it that the most functional pants for travel also happen to be the least attractive? Travel Fashion Girl takes Trekking Pants to trial to determine whether or not we should pack them or forget them, read on to find out!


Trekking Pants Go to Trial – Pack them or Forget Them?


Sad but true, convertible trekking pants (or trousers) used to be an essential part of traditional backpacking clothes. However, as the packing rules change, many travelers including flashpackers are opting against this clothing item all together.

Why do we need a pair of convertible trek pants when we travel? Why can’t we just wear regular trousers, jeans, leggings, anything but these dreaded travel pants?


Those in Favor of Practical vs. Fashionable, Say Aye!


White Sierra Inseam Convertible Pant




You can wear them as pants or shorts and with one quick zip, relieve heat mid-trek. Getting multi-use from your travel clothing items is a travel must!


prAna Monarch Convertible Pant




Specialty trekking pants tend to be produced with quick dry fabric which is a travel clothing bonus. Not only will they dry quickly when you wash them but also if you get caught in the rain or mud on a trek.


Columbia Sportswear Trail Pant




The high price tag for these babies usually ensures a certain level of quality. They’re made to last and withstand even the most torturous backpacker treatment.


Those against these Alleged Style Offenders, say No!


Style: They’re just downright fugly and visually unappealing. You would hardly choose to wear them out in at home so why would you want to do it anywhere else?

Design: Generally available in unflattering cuts, even a supermodel can’t make these travel pants look good. Boxy cuts, high waists, and formless seams, these pants look like they were made for a man in women’s sizes.

Cost: They’re expensive! Why should you pay a high cost for something you don’t even like or want to wear? You can spend your hard earned dollars on so many other things…


Jury Adjourned! And the Verdict?


In the Travel Fashion Girl legal system, justice is based on individual rights. The golden rule of packing is to be happy with your travel clothing. If convertible pants work for you, great! If they don’t, how about an alternative?


Start by reading these tips on what’s the best travel pants  for travel:


Alternatives to Convertible Travel Pants


Dickies Relaxed Cargo Pant


A great alternative to convertible pants are cargo pants for women. They have a utility feel, convenient pockets, and can easily be found in durable fabrics.

In fact, for the first two years of my travels, I used a very comfortable pair of cargo pants I bought at Forever 21 for $19.99.

They hung dry super quickly and I liked wearing them at home, too. If you just can’t find a set of trekking travel pants that work for you, get a pair of cargo pants for women instead.


Take a look at the best pants for travel to various destinations!


Anatomie Skyler Skinny Pants


An even better option than both convertibles and cargos are travel pants by Anatomie. They are the best travel pants for women because not only are the functional but they’re fashionable too.

They may not have huge pockets or transform into a second piece of clothing but they’re practical pants you’ll actually want to wear.


Read the full review on why these are the best travel pants for women!


Zella “Live In” Leggings


Also, with so many fashionable fitness and yoga brands, why not pack a pair of leggings. They’ve become a fashion staple that’s still going strong.

They can be worn as pajama bottoms, while exercising, for retreats, to hike, and to layer under jeans/shorts/dresses/skirts in the cold or when traveling in conservative destinations.


Take a look at these top 10 travel leggings chosen by TFG readers!


What are your favorite travel pants? Share them in the comments!


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