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The TwelveWays team kindly hooked me up with two dresses to review and I decided it would be fun to make a challenge for myself: to create twelve outfits and wear the dress for twelve days straight.

Mind you, I was working with minimal clothing since I was already mid-travels so my outfits aren’t quite as spectacular as I would have liked. After the first few days of my Twelve Ways, Twelve Days Challenge I thought I was going to be very tired of wearing the same clothing item, convertible travel dress or not, for the entirety of the challenge. Not sure if I was going to be able to pull it off, I gave it my best shot!


Please note: I’m 5’2″ tall with a petite frame so the length may be shorter on you if you’re taller than me. I’m wearing a size S/M which fits snugly around the waist band. I normally wear a size 4-6.


Twelve Days of Twelveways Travel Outfits



Table Of Contents





Day 1: Comfort


I am a temporary expat in Thailand and needed to go on a visa run to Malaysia. I usually wear comfortable clothing on these long travel days because they typically consist of at least 12 hours of bus time. I left the house at 6:30am (as seen in the 1st pic) and arrived in Penang at 8:30pm (2nd pic). Not only did I discover the dress was super comfortable during the journey but I also felt slightly more human arriving at my destination wearing something nicer than pajama pants.




Day 2: Modesty


Although Malaysia is a Muslim country, Penang has a slightly more relaxed dress code because of the tourists. Regardless, I wanted to be respectful and wore Twelve Ways as a travel skirt while we went sightseeing around the historical area. I’m 5’2” so I was able to get a maxi skirt look but if you’re taller, you can probably get away with a below the knee look which would still keep you modest for a more conservative country.




Day 3: Relaxed Coverage


Today we made our way back to Thailand so I needed something comfortable for the journey but also modest as we transferred through a more conservative part of Thailand – Hat Yai. I wore Twelve Ways as a tunic over leggings and used a long sleeve button up shirt as a slight cover up for my shoulders.




Day 4: Danced The Night Away!


A friend I met in Playa del Carmen last year made a stop on the island and I took her dancing to one of my favorite clubs. I wore the Twelve Ways as top over short denim shorts but I was concerned that I’d be tugging the top the entire night to keep it from falling down like with most tube tops. To my surprise, I danced the night away and never had to worry about having a Janet Jackson malfunction! Top marks as a tube top!




Day 5: Little Black Dress (Skirt)


Wore Twelve Ways as a mid-thigh skirt today paired with a basic black tank top and belt. Together a simple yet polished travel outfit or a Little Black Travel Dress to be jazzed up with accessories. Nothing special today – just ran errands near Big Buddha.




Day 6: Everyday


Nothing special today just grocery shopping and errands. Wore the Twelve Ways as a longer skirt with black tank top and scarf. I’ve been wanting a plain black maxi dress for a while, so this travel outfit is a good substitute.




Day 7: Bohemian


Eager to play with the zippers, I wore Twelve Ways as a skirt with a high slit on one side and converted my wrap skirt into a top. Perfectly beach appropriate, my boyfriend liked the look!




Day 8: Sand and Sun


Beach time is a big part of my travels so I had to put the dress to the test as a beach cover up. Other convertible dresses are too delicate to be worn on the beach. Fortunately, the salt water and sand didn’t ruin the dress. I wore the dress home with a wet bathing suit and soaked the dress in fresh water to avoid any damage – perfect results!




Day 9: Market and Drinks

Friday night is a fun market at Fisherman’s Village featuring great food and cheap drinks. I wore the Twelve Ways shorter in the front and longer in the back accessorized with a belt (and scarf that missed the pics). I liked this look because I was able to maintain proper coverage behind and show my legs a little in the front. If we had gone out dancing like we usually do on Friday nights after the market, I would have shortened the dress on both sides for a club outfit on the go!




Day 10: Date Approved


I wore Twelve Ways as a top over medium length denim shorts and scarf for a special dinner and movie date night. We went to an incredible local Thai restaurant and watched the movie Loopers. It was nice to have a dressier top that I could wear on a special yet casual evening for a rare travel date night.




Day 11: Vacation Time


We made our way to Lamai for a little weekend getaway in one of my favorite beach enclaves. Wanting a more refined look, I wore Twelve Ways in the regular dress style with a colorful sleeveless button up top. Going to a more upscale vacation area, it was nice to clean up the backpacker look.




Day 12: Fun and Flirty


Settled into my weekend holiday, I wore Twelve Ways in a short style to hang out by the beach before jumping in to snorkel in the beautiful bay. Wearing the dress like this I feel fun and even flirty but it’s nice to know the same travel dress can also convert into a more modest clothing item like on my first days in Malaysia.



The Verdict


If I liked the Twelve Ways dress before, I love it now! This works very well for my needs. It’s a fun and flirty convertible dress that has minimal fabric, easy styling, and also has sex appeal! It’s super comfortable (and roomy in a forgiving way) so it’s also become my favorite “house dress” just to lounge around and work. Attempting to mix and match outfits for travel with this convertible travel dress has made it into one of my favorite clothing items.

My only two major gripes with this dress are 1) the ties are a shoe-lace type material which doesn’t look too elegant in the “elegant” style and 2) I wish it had straps. Even though it’s been an extremely liberating experience to wear a strapless dress in the scorching Thai heat, it would be great to have the option for added support too.

Ultimately, the reason why this particular convertible dress wins me over other convertible dresses is that it has minimal fabric and creates 3 unique pieces of clothing regardless of how many ways you decide to style it.


PLEASE NOTE: I AM 5’2″ TALL SO WHILE THIS MAY FIT ME AS A DRESS, IF YOU’RE TALL, THE DRESS STYLE MAY FIT YOU AS A TUNIC. While I did receive two complimentary Twelve Ways dresses, I didn’t receive any compensation for the review.


About the TwelveWays Multi-functional Dress:

  • Colors: casual black, elegant black, stone blue, lime green, orange
  • Sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Fabric: Rayon/Spandex and Poly/Spandex blends
  • To buy: or


Which of these convertible travel dress do you prefer? Share and comment below!


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