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Versatile. Comfortable. Convertible. Wrinkle-resistant. Classic. These are all words we use to describe the ideal clothing for travel.

And fortunately for female travelers, there’s one brand that’s bringing all of these elements together. Helene Clarkson is back and she continues to wow us with her clever convertible reversible clothing. Take a look at her latest collection!


Convertible Reversible Clothing





Casual Outfit: Narita Cropped PantsHanna Cami


Helene Clarkson’s design mandate is to offer a line of versatile, multi-purpose clothing for carry-on travel. It’s fashion-forward, travel focused, and highly versatile.

Many of the items are even convertible…but these pieces ARE NOTHING like what you’d expect from traditional “convertible” travel clothes.



Dressy OutfitNarita Cropped PantsHanna Cami with Topper


They create the perfect balance of fashion and function!

The line is built around the principle of versatility—clothing that often can be reversed, flipped inside out, or layered for multiple looks in a single outfit. These garments are designed for the time efficient woman who refuses to sacrifice style for comfort.



2 Pieces, 2 Looks: Narita Cropped PantsHanna Cami with Topper


With airlines becoming more restrictive on weight and more punitive about luggage allowances, carry-on is the way to go, offering a substantial reduction in travel-related stress.

The collection harmonizes itself with the concept of carry-on traveling by being composed of a functional yet flattering fabric that resists wrinkling, possesses easy wash and wear characteristics, and maintains rich color – a traveler’s dream!

The line is well-suited for these same women who want to go from the plane to the boardroom to a dinner and theatre performance, all without requiring the need for an outfit change.


Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, or both, take a look at six of the best pieces from her current collection:



Hanna Cami + Halle Skirt


Hanna Cami with Detachable Topper


The Hanna Cami is genius with regards to versatility. Not only is it a quality cami you can wear on its own or under other tops, but you can throw on a removable topper for an entirely new trendy look!




It’s a beautiful camisole with buttons down the back for a lovely bit of detailing with a detachable topper. (The topper has adjustable straps to hold it in place.) There’s nothing left to say but gorgeous. I’d love to get my hands on the Kale green color!



Halle Skirt + Hanna Cami


 Halle Reversible Skirt


The perfect summer skirt is actually two skirts: it’s fully reversible, with no seams showing anywhere. The flattering A-line cut makes this a cool choice on hot days.




And surprise! You can mix and match the Hanna and Halle to create various unique looks.



Tan Tan Reversible Tee


 The Tan Tan Reversible Tee


This extremely versatile top has a shirt tail hem in the front and back that gives enough coverage so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Wear it with the V-neck in the front or swing it around for a crew neck. Whichever way you choose to wear it, you’ll feel and look fantastic.

Pair it over your favorite leggings or tuck it into a great pair of jeans.



Tan Tan Reversible Tee


This is one of my favorite things about Helene Clarkson clothing – her tops are so obviously versatile. Why wouldn’t you just wear your top “backward” for a different cut? Every top should be like this.



Billy 4 Way Top + Tulita Skirt


 The Billy 4 Way Reversible Top


This lightweight top gives you the most in versatility. It is fully reversible and you can also flip it inside out for a completely different look:



Billy 4 Way Top


It’s perfect for the day with its subtle side and crew neck, and then like superman, jump into a phone booth and flip it inside out for a sexy shimmery side with a V-neck that is a stunner for any party, or just ‘cuz you can! 




I’m loving the pretty blue but it’s available in other colors, too.



Tulita Skirt + Orly Top


 The Tulita Reversible Maxi Skirt


The most versatile “Maxi”. This skirt is fully reversible with a slit that allows for easy movement that can be worn at the back, side, or front for multiple looks. Dress it up with a heel or dress it down with a sneaker. Incredibly comfortable and gorgeous as well.




Another genius hack by Helene! Move around the positioning of the slit and you can also switch the color, too.



Joliette Reversible Dress


 The Joliette Reversible Dress


This dress is feminine with ruffle sleeves and a ruffle shirt tail hem.

Wear it with the V-neck or flip it around for the crew neck. Dress it up for a super elegant look or throw on a pair of flip-flops and head to the pool. This dress can do it all!



Halle Skirt + Hanna Cami


Helene’s clothing is created to work together beautifully, but it’s classic enough that it can also be incorporated to your regular wardrobe, too.



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