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I was on the hunt for the latest and greatest in comfort shoes, so I headed over to Nordstrom to see what they had available. What I found was shocking! Find out why!


For shoes similar to the above image, try these!


Where to Shop for Comfort Shoes


Finding shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable is the ultimate goal for almost all female travelers. For some reason, comfort shoe brands tend to completely overlook style and focus only on function.




Gentle Souls Sandal


Over the past few years brands have gotten better about this, including:


  • Clarks: makes beautiful wedges
  • Vionic: offers a range of pretty sandals
  • Born: introduced a balance of comfort and fashion
  • Aerosoles: stays on top of trends
  • Sofft: offers comfort and style
  • Gentle Souls: features ultra-feminine styles




The “ugly shoe” trend from a few years ago allowed us to wear less attractive sandals but in a modern way. Fashion bloggers paired the traditional Teva and Birkenstock sandals with crisp, tailored clothing, propelling these brands and similar designs to stardom.




Daloa Ankle Strap Sandal


Athleisure also blew up and workout clothing became everyday clothing, with leggings and tennis shoes leading the way to a more acceptable casual style.

However, even though these trends might be slowing down, comfortable footwear continues to reign over sky-high heels. Flats and sneakers are the new pairing with dressy outfits instead of stilettos.




Pehuea Slip-On Sneaker


Trends aside, comfort shoes have made giant leaps over the years and female travelers are reaping all the benefits.

And now, Nordstrom is making things easier than you could imagine with this incredible feature on their website:





Get the exact type of comfort shoe for you!

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to shoes. As we age, our feet change and require varying types of support.




The most common foot ailments include the need for arch support and plantar fasciitis.





For arch support, these were some of the best comfort shoes we found:



Leather Flat | Boot | Slip-On Sneaker


If you just want comfortable shoes for travel but have generally low maintenance feet, these style might interest you:



Flat | Sandal | Espadrille


You can use Nordstrom’s awesome tool to discover the best pair for you.


I searched for flats for medium width feet with arch support. I got 244 results and liked the look of these the most:



Flat | Sandal | Slip On


While it may take a few tries, I appreciated having the ability to narrow down my options. This eliminates features I don’t want and helped me find styles best suited for my needs.

It was also interesting to learn which brands have the benefits I’m looking for in a shoe. I found that many of the results for narrow feet included Naturalizer, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for nice styles by that brand in the future.




Samantha Half d’Orsay Flat


I prefer pointy toe over round toe flats, but feel like finding a comfort shoe in this style is impossible. I was excited to find the above d’orsay style flat by Naturalizer.


Just two weeks ago, I purchased the almost exact same style by another non-comfort brand, so I can’t really validate buying two of the exact same thing. But I’ll keep an eye out for more pointy toe styles by Naturalizer. Keep them coming!



Sandal | Lace-Up SandalFlat


I also liked that I found new comfort shoe brands I had no idea existed. The most notable brands included: Kork-Ease, L’AMOUR DES PIEDS, and Sudini. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these, too!




Keep in mind that your destination may require specific types of shoes. Read these guides on how to choose shoes for Europe’s cobblestone streets and how to choose the best travel shoes in general!

What are your favorite shoes for travel? Share in the comments!


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