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Planning a seaside summer getaway and want to travel luggage free like me? Here’s a tiny capsule wardrobe that will make it more fun to chase the sun!


Diane Kroe Summer Capsule Collection 



Get ready for a perfect beach getaway with a mini capsule wardrobe by Diane Kroe – the queen of convertible pieces for women of all sizes!


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These versatile pieces fit easily into your beach bag and will take you from a day in the sun to evening fun! Made in Toronto, Canada, just for you (with a big currency exchange savings for US customers)!

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Travel Tights | Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy | Sleeve SashGold Bangle


For this post, we’ve put together a summer Look Book with these Diane Kroe pieces: Travel Tights, Flip Suit, Carry-On Cozy, Sleeve Sash, and the Bangle Accessory.

The fun part is that you get to design your own unique “Chase the Sun” capsule collection simply by choosing from the beautiful color options available in these styles.




Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


Caribbean Cute


Wear the Carry-On Cozy strapless style for a cool cover-up over your Flip Suit. It’s also a fun layer piece paired with womens flip flops for a day at the beach. The Cozy will become your go-to piece for hot summer days at the beach and tropical vacations!




Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


One Shoulder


The Carry-On Cozy, one shoulder style, is perfect for a layering top–day or evening, it’s your choice!




Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy | Sleeve Sash | Gold Bangle


Summer Elegance


Wear the Flip Suit as a skirt style and the Carry-On Cozy as a cross-front halter using the snaps behind your neck. Belt it with the Sleeve Sash and Bangle Accessory to add some glam.

Pair it with heels for evening cocktails on the patio or lace up sandals for a day of shopping.




Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


Sarong Skirt


Wrap the Carry-On Cozy around your Flip Suit as a sarong skirt and you’re ready for a scenic walk along the shoreline.




  Carry-on Cozy | Sleeve Sash


Strapless Sundress


Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a strapless sundress by securing the snaps above the bust and wrapping it around the waist, held in place with a Sleeve Sash. Pair it with comfy flats for a day look or heels for evening.




 Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


Beach Skirt


Wear the Carry-On Cozy as an asymmetrical skirt by snapping at the waist and layering over your Flip Suit for a strapless top look. It’s perfect for the beach or lunch on the boardwalk!




 Travel Tights | Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


Kimono Coverup


Travel Style. Wear the Carry-On Cozy cardigan-style with long kimono sleeves. For travel comfort, add Travel Tights and a Flip Suit, making a perfect outfit for breezy weather and transitioning from warmer to cooler temperatures.




Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy


Twisted Halter


Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a twisted halter top by twisting and snapping behind the neck, then add the Flip Suit as a skirt for an effortless day look. Pair it with comfy flats for a casual day of shopping or sightseeing, or heels for a dressy night out.




 Flip Suit | Carry-on Cozy | Sleeve Sash


Glam Girl


Wear the Carry-On Cozy as a poncho then belt at the waist with a Sleeve Sash. Add the Flip Suit as a skirt, pair it with heels, and you’re ready for an evening out. For a more casual look, pair it with sandals.


Follow Diane Kroe on Instagram for more style ideas! Don’t forget to use coupon code TRAVELFASHION for a special discount when you shop! (Awesome currency exchange rate savings for US customers.)



What color way would you choose for this mini-capsule wardrobe? 


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Author Bio: Diane Kroe is a travel fashion brand, designing exquisite handmade clothing for women who love to travel and pack light. Established in 1997, Diane Kroe’s boutique was the go-to shop in Toronto for Destination Wedding Couture and soon she began to produce a range of minimalist travel-inspired pieces, each design using her signature Venezia fabric which suits jetsetters so very well.