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The past two years have been a whirlwind and I would have never guessed that my own desire to become a more organized traveler would result in a successful blog called Travel Fashion Girl.

What was originally my personal quest to pack lighter in my long term travels turned into a helpful packing guide that’s now helped hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. My passion project quickly transformed from hobby to full time job as TFG’s audience grew astronomically within the first six months.


Travel Fashion Girl is Hiring!


Earlier this year I put a call out for guest writers and was astounded at the amazing applications I received from dozens of applicants around the globe. Their contributions have helped make TFG an even stronger resource offering a wider breathe of travel tips across broader topics. A big thank you to Cailyn Cox, Chantelle Mallin, Kate Zealand, Kelly Ella Maz, Mary Ware, Christina Nellemann, and Tammy Lowe. I am grateful to have had so many of these knowledgeable women join the team and have been inspired to take the next step and grow TFG one step further.


As 2014 comes to an end and I begin pursuit of new goals both personal and professional in the coming year, I am looking to add three new columnists to the TFG editorial team. There are three positions available: Travel Beauty Expert, Travel Fashion Expert, Travel Packing Expert.


Position Details


  • As a Travel Beauty Expert you are expected to live and breathe travel and love testing out the latest makeup, hair, and skincare products for your next trip. Beauty tutorials are a bonus!
  • As a Travel Fashion Expert you are expected to be at the forefront of fashion trends and constantly challenging yourself to apply these styles in a functional way as you travel around the globe. Destination fashion sets are a must!
  • As a Travel Packing Expert it is your job to come up with the latest and greatest packing hacks while always traveling carry-on only. Youtube videos are a plus!


The one thing all these positions have in common is that you MUST HAVE A PASSION FOR TRAVEL. Ideally, you would be a long-term traveler or have frequent vacations or holidays throughout the year. Luxury is not a necessity; in fact travelers with low to medium budgets are encouraged.


Important Details


This is a long-term position. Only applicants available for long-term commitments will be considered. Others are encouraged to submit freelance articles. Learn more here.

As an official Travel Fashion Girl columnist, you will be expected to submit four articles per month plus one feature. You are paid per 500-word article and special features such as tutorials and videos are paid extra. Rate TBD.

While writing newbies are welcome to apply, it is required that you are an experienced traveler in order to provide the best-informed feedback for readers.

You must be able to write cohesive, coherent articles in fluent English that fit with TFG’s style and voice. You must also be able to come up with your own topics in addition to working with pre-planned themes. Missing a deadline is never an option.

Familiarity with WordPress is required and you will be given your own log in to set up and draft your posts. You will also receive a Travel Fashion Girl email account to enable you to work with press contacts more efficiently.

Boutique owners, bloggers, designers, and others affiliated with the fashion, beauty, and travel industries are welcome to apply. However Travel Fashion Girl is not meant to be a place for advertising your respective business or website.

These are independent contractor, not employee, positions. Payment is made upon receipt of your articles and is submitted via PayPal in USD. You can elect to have PayPal convert currency for a nominal fee.

Unless specific deadlines apply, all articles are due at the 15th of every month. You must be able to work independently. This is a remote position. Worldwide applicants are welcome.

Added benefits to writing for Travel Fashion Girl include the opportunity to procure press trips and complimentary products for review. However, the biggest reward is helping fellow traveling women make the best of their global adventures.


How to Apply


To be considered for one of the available positions, you must complete the following steps. I need to have all five components in hand to consider your application. All materials should be sent directly to travelfashiongirlreaders at gmail dot com with the subject “Travel (Fashion, Beauty, or Packing) Expert Application.”


1) C.V. or Resume detailing any previous writing experience and other credentials you feel are relevant. You have to show that you’re well informed in your topic. For example, if you are applying to be a Travel Beauty Expert please don’t send examples of previous written work in Architecture.

Please include links to any blogs, websites, or social media profiles as applicable. If you have any references, please include them with this document.

2) A writing sample of at least 500 words that illustrates the individual point of view you’d bring to Travel Fashion Girl as well as the subject matter you’d like to cover. While this article will not be published (unless you’re extended an offer to write for TFG), I encourage you to make it a unique and original piece of writing that’s specially tailored for the Travel Fashion Girl audience.

3) Include your requested per article rate along with a salary history. Rates should be based on an article of 500 words.

4) Include a brief explanation (200 words or less) of why you want to write for Travel Fashion Girl.

5) 5 Sample titles for articles you would create the first month.


Please send all materials by November 15, 2014. Candidates will be notified and offers extended by December 1, 2015.


Thank you and I can’t wait to read your applications!


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