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Writer Guidelines

Writer Guidelines for Freelancers


Thank you for becoming a writer for Travel Fashion Girl! Please read through the following guidelines before submitting your post. 



Pitches and Deadlines


If you haven’t already done so, before sending your final article, please send a pitch for approval to:


Subject: TFG Approved Pitch “title”


  • This should include the article title and a few bullet points or brief post summary.
  • Pitches are due by the 1st of the month then the article is due the 15th (so you have two weeks to complete and submit your approved article after your initial pitch)


Not all articles will be approved so you need to provide 2-5 article ideas. If either some or all of your article ideas are approved then you can submit them all at once or at least one per month.





Once you have been approved, please submit your article / post as a word attachment to:




Subject: TFG Approved Post “title”


  • All content must be entirely original; not duplicated or recycled from anywhere else on the web.
  • All content must be written by you. We reserve the right to edit any content you submit.
  • Articles must be a minimum of 500 words
  • Please spell check your work and make sure it is grammatically correct. If it requires detailed editing it will be returned to you.
  • We would really appreciate if you could use American English spelling to help limit editing time (ie. colours to colors, traveller to traveler, travelling to traveling)


(Please do not duplicate the post on your own blog or website as duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines. If you’d like to share the post on your site please only include the first paragraph with a link back to the published article.)


As a freelancer for TFG, we request that you submit a minimum of one article per month. However, as travelers, we’re flexible with this because traveling is always a priority 🙂


Photos – Do’s


  • Whenever relevant or if possible, please submit a minimum of 3 images for each post, including one to be used as a featured photo.
  • Layout for the images must be landscape/horizontal not vertical.
  • By providing your own photos you agree to allow  Travel Fashion Girl permission to use within your article. Please add a photo credit to the image or add a line at the end of your post to acknowledge photo credit if you require it.
  • You must have the right to use any photos. Please only submit your own photos.
  • Photos should be re-sized to 600px in width whenever possible.



Photos – Dont’s


  • Do not submit images from Creative Commons, Flickr, or other free royalty image sites. If you do not have your own photos to share or would not like to, we will provide our own stock images.
  • Please do not send the images within a Word document only as attachments.
  • Please avoid vertical/portrait length images when possible. Horizontal/landscape photos are preferable. Your featured photo must be landscape.





Where appropriate, you can include select links back to your own blog or website in the text provided they are relevant. One or two links are acceptable.

Please do not include links to other websites or your personal affiliates. I reserve the right to remove any links I deem inappropriate. I do not accept any links to commercial sites or your affiliate sales links within content.

Linking to relevant products is acceptable so long as the article is not an advertisement for any one company or product. Product reviews are an exception.



Author Bio


Please provide a 300×300 (high quality) picture of yourself and 40-50 word author bio including a link to your blog or any social media sites (if applicable). Please include the links within the bio ready to publish. For example:

Alex Jimenez is a full-time traveler that is currently scuba diving her way around the best sites around the world. Learn more about her adventures at





Payments are made via PayPal. Please make sure to include your PayPal email when you submit your first article.

Rate: $.05 per word (500 word minimum)



When Will the Post Publish?


You will be notified via email when your post is published. Please note that we have a preset editorial calendar and your post may not go up immediately.

Articles can take weeks or even months to get published depending on the topic, season, and themes.

We will let you know when it goes live. Thank you for your patience.



Marketing Efforts


Your post will be promoted on the Travel Fashion Girl Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus. Please share and promote on your social media communities, too.

Subscribe to the comments of the post so you can reply to any questions and feedback about your article. If relevant, please include a link to Travel Fashion Girl in your Blog Links or Writing Page.



Thanks again for deciding to write for Travel Fashion Girl. I’m happy to have you on board the TFG Writing Team!