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Svalbard is a small archipelago halfway between Norway and the North Pole. If you’re heading to this amazing location, follow or tips on what to wear in Svalbard!


What to Wear in Svalbard

Written By: LC Haughey


You’re heading to the Arctic Circle and you’re concerned about what you should and shouldn’t be bringing. Should you pack all your winter clothes and layer up? Which fabrics are going to keep you warm?

Svalbard is just 600 miles from the North Pole, so it’s quite cold, as you may expect!



To keep dry and warm, ideally you’ll want to wear a few layers of breathable thermals with waterproofs on top.

Keep in mind that if you’re doing activity tours, most companies will provide ski suits, rubber boots, headgear, and more as part of the package. So don’t worry about packing clothes for snowmobiling or dog sledding–this guide is intended for basic wandering around Longyearbyen and other parts of the archipelago.


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Scoop TopWarm Tights


Base Layer


Let’s start off with a suitable base layer that will keep you both warm and dry. This is your first considering for what to wear in Svalbard.

Avoid cotton. It will retain moisture and you’ll end up getting a chill. Instead, look to thermals made out of fabrics like merino wool (for the best quality) or synthetic polyester. I prefer merino wool, as I like my clothes to be long-lasting.


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Cable Socks Mini Socks


Merino wool is warm and quick-drying, which is of paramount importance in cold conditions. You can also wear merino thermals more than once without washing, as they don’t retain odor. This is great, depending on how long you’re traveling, as you can get away with rotating a couple pairs.

Finish off your base layer with a pair of socks. Once again, merino wool is the ideal fabric for what to wear in Svalbard. Under my boots, I wore a thin pair of socks with a pair of thick, wool socks on top.


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Fleece JacketFleece Pant


Mid Layer


From there, pop on a fleece jacket and pants if the weather outside is particularly cold.


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 Jacket | Ski Pants


After you’ve layered up your thermal base, it’s time to put on your waterproofs. Start with a pair of ski trousers and a waterproof jacket that will protect you from both water and wind.

I got away with just wearing thermal leggings in October when I visited (three pairs!), but I doubt you could do the same in the dead of winter.

If you’re brave, bring a short-sleeved shirt. I wore a long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath a normal tee. Most places in Svalbard turn up their heating, so it can be a bit assaulting on the senses to move from outside to inside–I’d find myself quickly stripping off layers!


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Merino Gloves | Fleece GlovesBeanieHat




Along with your base layer, your accessories are what will keep you warm, and should be one of your main considerations when choosing what to wear in Svalbard.

I recommending bringing two pairs of gloves: one wool and a fleece pair you can wear on top. I had ski gloves and while they did keep me warm, I was forever taking them off to snap photos of the gorgeous countryside!

Pack some beanies or a faux-fur lined hat with ear flaps to wear on your head. If your hat is wool, use the hood of your coat to keep you warm and dry,


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Lastly, pop on a long, woolen scarf that you can wrap around your face, or go a step further and bring a balaclava. Make sure you can pull it up over your mouth and nose when you’re in need of a little extra protection.


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Goggles | Sunglasses


You’ll definitely want a pair of snow goggles and sunglasses to fend off the bright sun.


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Parka | Packable Down Coat | Down Coat 


A Quality Coat


If you’re visiting many winter destinations, you’ll be in want of a quality goose down or quilted coat.

I borrowed a coat from a friend for my trip, but have to admit that I have my eye on a coat like this as a key item for what to wear in Svalbard. It will keep you warm and dry, and the length is suitable for arctic conditions.


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Boot | Moon BootBoot




The time of year will be dependent on what type of shoes you take with you and add to your list of what to wear in Svalbard.

I made do with my faux-fur lined Timberlands (worn with two pairs of socks), but if I were going in colder months, I’d probably invest in a pair of moon or arctic boots. Waterproof shoes with a good grip are essential.

There’s a saying in Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s capital, which goes, “Leave your shoes and gun at the door.” Many establishments ask that you do indeed take off your shoes before entering their premises. Some offer slippers and others leave you to plod around in your socks. It wouldn’t hurt to pack a pair of light slippers that you can pop on in these instances.


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Sun Protection


Regardless of when you’re visiting, don’t forget to slip, slop, and slap on sunscreen. This might seem counter-intuitive in a winter wonderland, but that Arctic sun can be mighty harsh.


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What are your tips on what to wear in Svalbard? Please share your comment below!


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