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Wondering what to wear in Slovenia? Find out what you need when visiting Ljubljana, Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj, the Julian Alps, and Portorož Beach.


What to Wear in Slovenia

Written by: Megan Stetzel


Slovenia is a hidden gem on the Mediterranean. It’s typically overshadowed by its neighbors, Italy to the west and Croatia to the east, but it took me exactly 0.0 seconds to fall in love with it.

It’s a far less touristy option for a Mediterranean holiday with everything from beautiful beaches and tall mountains to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.




Slovenia is a great country for a road trip due to its size and good quality roads. You can also get around by train and tourist shuttles. There are so many hidden gems packed into a small country, it’s easy to see why so many people extend their trip in Slovenia!

One of my favorite regions was Bela Krajina in the far southeast. Renowned for its wine and handicrafts, this is a great place to stop and enjoy a peaceful meal in the countryside along the Kolpa River and get to know some locals.

I visited Slovenia in autumn and the days were warm but the nights had a sharp crispness to them. I made sure to pack a lot of layers that I could add or remove throughout the day.

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Jacket | Longsleeve | Scarf | Belt | Backpack | Umbrella | Jeans | Rain Boots


You will more than likely fly into the capital city Ljubljana, pronounced Lu-bi-anna. It was recently voted the Green Capital of Europe and has gorgeous architecture, castles, interesting street art, and plenty of outdoor cafes.




Weather in Ljubljana is quite mild, similar to Northern Italy, although it’s quite rainy in the summer months (May-September). Be sure to pack a good raincoat or compact umbrella if traveling in those months. In the winter, temperatures can get cold at night with some snow fall, so heavier layers would be best.

The streets are cobblestoned, much like the rest of Europe, and require sturdy walking shoes or sandals to traverse safely.


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Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj



Top | Shorts | Bottle | Shoes | Socks | Backpack



These fairytale-like lakes are the first stop for many travelers after visiting Ljubljana. It’s easy to see why as soon as you get there. I just couldn’t get over the views of the lakes!

Bled is the more touristed, and arguably the more beautiful of the two lakes, but Bohinj has its own character and is worth the trip.



Jacket | Longsleeve | Leggings Backpack | Shorts | Socks | Bottle



Some of the best views of Lake Bled are atop the hill of Ojstrica. You’ll have to take a challenging hike to get there, but it’s well worth it. Pack comfortable hiking gear, like a tee and athletic shorts in the summer or lined leggings and a warm outer layer in the fall or winter, as well as a good pair of hiking shoes.


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Portorož Beach



Tunic | Reversible Swimsuit Sunglasses | Hat / Tote | Sunscreen | Towel |  Sandal


Visitors to the region typically flock to the neighboring beaches of Croatia or Italy, leaving Slovenia’s 47 km of coastline much less visited. Portorož beach is one of the only sandy beaches and draws a large crowd in the summer months. Plan your visit in the shoulder seasons to still enjoy the sun with fewer people.

The temperatures may not get quite as warm as other areas of the Mediterranean, but the sun is still strong. Pack a big sun hat, good sunscreen, and a beach towel to enjoy your day in the sand.


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Hiking the Julian Alps




JacketFleece | V-neckBottle | Shorts Socks | Shoes Backpack


If you’re heading to Slovenia to enjoy the great outdoors, I urge you to find a few trails in the Julian Alps to traverse. Mount Triglav is a ritual of sorts for Slovenians to climb; it’s very hard to find a local that has not climbed to the top, and it’s far from easy!

On a warm, sunny day, you can get away with shorts and a loose t-shirt to begin your hike. If you’re venturing higher in altitude, bring plenty of layers because the temperature drops drastically the higher you go and later in the day.


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As Slovenia is slightly less touristed than many of its neighboring EU countries, pack clothing that’s a tad more modest. Make sure to bring a good jacket and scarf to cover up in the evenings as the temperature drops drastically once the sun goes down.


What are your tips on what to wear in Slovenia? Please share your comment below!


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