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Wondering what to pack for a yoga retreat? If you’re planning a getaway to your first yoga, meditation, or silent retreat, then be sure to pack these six must-have items to ensure comfort and performance!


What to Pack for A Yoga Retreat

Written By: Kelly Ella Maz


With so many travelers choosing unique experiences over run-of-the-mill vacations, it’s no surprise that yoga retreats are growing in popularity! Whether you plan a staycation nearby or embark on a deeper journey of self-discovery abroad, below you’ll find six essentials to bring on your trip.


Stay flexible in a pair of versatile leggings



Zella Leggings | Old Navy Leggings Plus | Capri Printed Leggings


Leggings are a yoga retreat must-have, and will probably get worn every day! Leggings are perfect for yoga classes because they allow you to move freely without any excess fabric. You’ll also find leggings to be the most comfortable and practical pants for downtime, lounging, and eating.




As you plan what to pack for a yoga retreat you may be tempted to bring your entire full collection of leggings. However, remember to use the smart traveler’s packing secret and either wash or rewear them. A high-quality pair of sport leggings that are sweat-resistant would be ideal for re-wearing without washing, but make sure they aren’t so fitted that they become uncomfortable.

If you pack less leggings in neutral colors you have room for more tops in brighter colors and prints. Remember, people usually notice your shirts more than your pants so packing less bottoms and more tops is key to having a versatile and compact travel wardrobe.


Find out the ten best leggings for travel as voted for by our readers!


Pack less with great yoga tank tops



Prana Dreaming Top | Champion Top Plus | Prana Jacquard Top


Athletic tank tops that have built-in bras are not only practical, they’re comfortable too! As an added bonus, some yoga tank tops may eliminate the need to bring multiple bras.

The level of support in your tank top will depend on your measurements; if you have a larger chest, you may want to avoid heavy support bras because they can limit your flexibility in class and the tight fabric can cause extra sweating.


Here are various travel-friendly alternatives to underwire bras and sports bras for all sizes!


Loose-fitting sweatpants are key



Alo Yoga Sweatpant | Athleta Pant | Fleece Sweatpant


For seated meditation classes, you want to be as comfortable as possible, so tight-fitting leggings are not always best. A loose-fitting pair of sweatpants will allow you to sit for an extended period without being distracted by too-tight clothing.




Depending on the time of year that you’re attending the yoga retreat, choose a pair of thin sweatpants for warmer climates or a pair of warmer, thicker sweatpants for cooler climates.


If yoga’s just activity on a trip, try one of these versatile travel pants, instead!


Layer up with the perfect sweater



Performance Thermal Shirt | Crew-Neck Sweatshirt | Slouchy Pullover


Between yoga classes, meditation sessions, and relaxing, your body temperature will fluctuate often! The best way to deal with this is to dress in layers, and always make sure you have a cozy sweater nearby.

I recommend a crewneck sweatshirt because if you’re really cold, you can wear it during a yoga class. Avoid sweaters with a hood because they can be quite annoying to wear during yoga–one downward dog pose and the hood is all over the place!




Thick wool sweaters (either pullover or open front) are certainly cozy, but realistically these can’t be worn during a yoga class. If you have room in your bag to bring one then go ahead, but if you’re trying to get away with a small bag then I’d skip this style of sweater.


For yoga retreats to tropical climates, you may want to skip the sweater and bring these retreat essentials instead!


Stay warm and cozy with a meditation blanket



Mexican Yoga Blanket | Tartan Scarf Wrap | Turkish Bath Towel


In addition to a sweater, I recommend packing a meditation blanket or shawl to stay warm and cozy. Any lightweight, easy-to-pack blanket will do, but I like to use a Turkish towel because you can use it as a towel if needed.


Alternatively, opt for a warm blanket scarf for maximum versatility!


Thick socks, for the ultimate coziness



Wool Boot Socks | Ultra Light Socks | Smartwool Stripe Socks


Last but not least, pack a thick pair of wool or fleece socks to wear during meditation or between yoga classes. This is one of the most easily forgotten items when planning what to pack for a yoga retreat so make sure to add it to your checklist!

You’ll spend a good amount of time at a yoga retreat barefoot, but sometimes that can make you cold. Having a warm pair of socks to slip on before classes will keep your body temperature up.


Depending on the country or the time of year that you’re traveling, you may need to adjust this list according to the weather and other activities that you may plan to do on your trip. Read our destination packing lists for more tips for your specific destination.


Do you have any tips to add on what to pack for a yoga retreat? Comment and share below!






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Author Bio: Kelly Ella Maz is a travel writer from Canada. Her passion for travel and world-wide experience led her to start her own travel planning business and blog. She recently bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona, where she’ll be living by the beach and traveling around Spain. You can follow her travels at Kellyellamaz.