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Looking for stocking stuffers and travel gift ideas? Read on to find out our top picks for this holiday season.


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Travel Gift Ideas: Stocking Stuffers




Goldie CableKeep, $13.00


CableKeep Charger


This charger eliminates tangled cables in bags and purses, tidies up messy wires coming out of the wall, and keeps your device clean. Goldie can act as a charging pedestal, keeping your device off dirty counters and floors when charging.


TFG says: What’s not to love about being an organized traveler?




Tile App, $24.99


Item Finder


Tile is a matchbook-sized device that helps keep track of your items, big or small. You can attach the Tile device to your cell phone, laptop, iPad, or keychain.


TFG says: I’d like to attach this to my chapstick – I’m always losing it!




Moji Mini Massager, $14.95


Mini Massager


This relieves achy muscles, improves circulation, and allows for instant pain-relief in hard to reach areas, including the back, neck, shoulders, IT bands, and calf muscles.


TFG says: Where has this been all my life? There were so many times were I would have died for a portable foot massager!




Inkling Scents


Essential Perfume Oil


Inkling Scents are comprised of 100% pure essential and perfume oils, making them perfect for those who are health-conscious or suffer from allergies and sensitivities. The fragrances are alcohol-free, resulting in a long-lasting scent made from natural ingredients.


TFG says: Love the sound of these pretty little products!




SwaggerTag ID Tag, $5.99


ID Tag


SwaggerTags are identification tags that reflect your personality and help you keep track of your gear. By customizing with your own photo, image, or logo, you can let everyone know it’s your stuff.


TFG says: Fun for the family or a group trip!






Wireless RF Item Locator


Bluetooth Finder


This remote key finder can help you to find the lost keys, remotes, purses, glasses, canes, and other easily lost novelties quickly. With just one press on the color-coded button, the beep sounds and flashes will lead you to find the lost stuff.


TFG says: Worried about losing your luggage? This seems to be the answer!




Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush, $17.99


Slim Sonic Toothbrush


Perfect for any traveler, this sonic-powered, portable toothbrush delivers a sparking smile with 22,000 brush strokes per minute. The slim, mascara-style, vented cap design is ideal for your handbag or suitcase.


TFG says: So much better than lugging around the regular size! It’s perfectly compact and comes in cute prints.




Keyprop Keychain Tripod, $5.49


Keychain Tripod


This unique key literally props your smartphone up for selfies, hands-free reading, Skype or video chatting, catching up on emails, or watching movies! Slip it on your keychain and always have it at your fingertips for any occasion.


TFG says: This is a tiny little tool that allows you to enjoy your phone hands free!




Urban Undercover, $24.00


Undercover Undies


Undercover Undies are not only extremely comfortable, but because of the patented design allowing them to roll into themselves (thus disguising them as underwear) they revolutionize the idea of basic underwear.


TFG says: Love them! They’re cute, comfortable, and the lace is super pretty.




Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads, $24.99


Nail Polish Remover


Cutex Nail Polish Remover Pads offer a handy way to quickly remove polish and condition nails and cuticles in one easy step. Available in boxes of ten or three individually wrapped pads, they’re perfect for travel!


TFG says: I always travel with these!



This is just a small sampling of the travel gift ideas we have planned. Stay tuned for more!

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? 


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