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You are about to depart for you dream trip. You planned it for weeks, maybe months. You are ready and excited, but your face is resembling more a Capricciosa Pizza than a smooth porcelain vase.

Don’t despair, don’t let your skin ruin your holidays!

Even without having the numbers in front of me, I’m pretty confident when I say that at least 80% of women has suffered from Acne at least once in their life time (To the remaining 20%..feel very blessed my friends, as acne is a real curse, especially if travel like me!)

There are many types of acne, and some of them may require a proper medical assessment and specific drugs to fight it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t also use some very good topical products to prevent breakouts.

When you are on the road, your skin is prone to be more stressed than usual and this case worsen your acne if you don’t take extra care of it!


5 Must Have Products to Pack for Acne Prone Skin



A very gentle cleanser


It’s important to treat your skin gently while on the road. Cleansing the skin two, max 3 times per day with a good cleanser have a huge impact on treating acne.

I am in love with the Cethapil gentle skin cleanser. I’ve tried many products but this is the only one that doesn’t irritate my skin. The downside is that it’s not easy to find (mainly in Pharmacies or online)


A good moisturizer


laying on a beach all day, climbing, trekking, snorkeling…all great activities that are not so great for your acne prone skin. The wind and a long exposure can give you a very dry skin, and what is even worst than having an oily skin for acne? Yep, a dehydrated skin! Don’t skip this beauty step!

What I suggest: the simplest the better. Check out the composition and avoid everything containing parabens, silicons, fragrance or lanolin. If you already have a favorite brand, go for it. Don’t try new products as soon as you hit the road, as you don’t want to stress your already irritated skin any further. Plus, in the unfortunate case of a worsening acne, you will be able to address the cause more quickly if you don’t mess up with lotions and potions!


Tinted sunscreen


I know some of them would argue that using a tinted sunscreen on acne is not ideal but let’s face it: sometimes it is just plain necessary.

Honestly, during the months I was battling with my acne, the tinted sunscreen saved my life many times. I didn’t feel confident going out without any form of concealer

When you are traveling you will be outdoor most of the time and you will need the sunscreen anyway, so why not combine the health benefits with the cosmetic ones?

My favorite Sunscreen for this purpose is Fallene Total Block Tinted SPF 60. I’m so glad I found this product. It has a light/medium coverage, it protects from the sun perfectly and it comes with 2 small bottles of color to create your perfect match. Unfortunately I didn’t find it in Europe and I had to order it online but is totally worth it. Downside: it is not water resistant so you need to reapply it often.


A specific acne treatment


This is a hot topic, and I will be covering it more in depth in a separate post as there are too many products and too many variable to consider. Chances are that if you suffer from acne, you already tried most of the products out there. You may even have found a specific product that suits you just fine. If this is the case, stick to it (for the same reasons you should stick to your moisturizer).

If you are lucky enough to start your trip acne free, but you’re still prone to breakouts, I strongly suggest to carry an emergency bottle with you. Things may change and you could not be able to find the right product for you straight away. Better be safe than sorry (personal experience!)

These are the basic products you’ll need to take with you while traveling. No need to add much more. I can guarantee you that the less you put on your irritated skin, the better. Sometimes when we see our acne worsening we have the urge to try every possible product. Don’t. It is just going to irritate your skin even more.


Travel Tips for Acne Prone Skins

  •  Always bring some wet wipes on your day bag during long train/bus rides. The dirt is bad for your skin and you may want to gently refresh your face during the day.
  • If your acne isn’t bad, or you are not self-conscious about it, avoid make-up, BUT always put your sunscreen on. The sun is acne’s (and wrinkles) worst enemy!
  • Bring a small clean towel with you at all times and a 2 pillow cases. Change the pillow case every 2/3 days. You also need It when you are on public transports and you want to rest your head.
  • Smile! Don’t avoid social situations or activities because of your condition. When it’s bad you may feel the urge to hide in your hostel room with a trash bag on your face (at list that’s what I wanted to do!) No matter how bad it is, go out and have fun. It is hard in the beginning but you’ll get used to it and you won’t ruin your trip.



Do you have more travel beauty tips or products  for Acne Prone Skin to recommend?


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