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Every woman has a different beauty routine. For many, the amount of products used seems to increase along with age. Mine sure has. Find out my on the road travel beauty routine!


Beauty Routine on the Road


When I first started traveling, my beauty routine was simple and easy for the life of a backpacker: soap and lotion. I washed my face with body soap and used the same moisturizing lotion on my face that I used on my body. To be honest, this was my routine at home so I didn’t expect anything to change when I went on a trip.

However, something happened when I got home after 8 months of traveling through India, Africa, and Egypt – I started noticing the effects from my lack of skin care.

My skin looked dull and my pores were clogged. The skin above my cheeks looked tired and dry. Worst of all, the fear for many women, I noticed the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. I was just 26 years old!

I went into an all out panic.

All the months in the sun without using proper protection were catching up to me. I had hardly worn sun block and I hadn’t moisturized properly. I needed some major reconstructive therapy ASAP.

Back at home, I added several beauty products to my skincare routine: face wash, daily use of my face scrub, eye cream, and face moisturizer. I made an investment in some expensive Lancôme products hoping to reverse the first signs of aging.

Thankfully, after a little love and care my skin’s condition improved.

My skin was doing perfectly fine up until my Round the World Trip in 2010 – I could not carry all my beloved new beauty products in my backpack. What was I going to do? I’m happy to report that I learned from my mistakes and realized that protecting my skin is a priority.

Instead of sacrificing my products, I cut back on the size and cost and replaced my expensive face and eye creams with travel sized drug store brands. I was able to purchase similar items on the road and maintain a healthy skincare routine.


There is only one item I could not easily replace: my face scrub. I always carry a full size bottle on my trips. One lasts about 6 months if used sparingly.


I still remember the first time I bought St Ives Face Scrub.

I was an 11 year old girl going through puberty and searching through Seventeen Magazine for beauty help. My face was breaking out with black heads, white heads, whatever they were, they were new to me and I was in a panic.

I came across a review for St Ives Face Scrub and marched straight to the grocery store to investigate this product for myself. 18 years later, (wow did I just say 18 years later?)  St Ives Face Scrub is my saving grace.



St. Ives Face Scrub Apricot


After traveling through India, Africa, and the Middle East my face was disgusting – my pores were clogged and my skin was dull. This was the first time I’d stopped using my favorite face scrub.

Big mistake. I used a competing brand simply because they conveniently offered the 2 oz travel sized bottle.

Never again – St Ives Apricot Face Scrub is the one product that is always full size in my toiletry bag. It continually keeps my face fresh and my skin smooth despite my limited travel beauty regimin.


My on the Road Beauty Routine includes:


My Travel Beauty Must have: (2) 3oz bottles of St Ives Face Scrub


I’ve been using this product since I was 12. It leaves my face feeling silky smooth and clean. I’ve learned not to leave it behind on my trips.


Oil of Olay Eye Cream with SPF .25oz


At home I use Lancôme but Oil of Olay is relatively easy to find around the world. It makes sense to keep a consistent routine for wrinkle prevention.


Cetaphil Face Moisturizer with SPF 50 1.7oz


A Canadian traveler recommended this brand to help alleviate my dry skin. An incredible dermatology approved skincare line, it’s now part of my standard beauty routine. At home, I use this product in addition to my more intense Lancôme Face Moisturizer.


Jergens Ultra Healing Body Moisturizer 3 oz.


At home, I also use the Cetaphil brand body lotion but on the road I have to be more flexible because it’s not available in all countries. Jergens is a common well-known brand and it also hydrates my easily damaged skin.


Nivea Sun Block and Moisturizer with 30-70 SPF


The most common brand I’ve seen around the world, it is also relatively easy to find Nivea Sunblock. As an added bonus, it also moisturizes.

Packing your beauty products is more about strategy than sacrifice. Use travel sized, plastic, compact sized bottles instead of glass or full sized products. Most toiletries, beauty products, and make up can be purchased on the road especially drug store brands.

Moral of the story is: Travel is no excuse to skip out on skincare. Your skin is the best accessory after your smile 🙂


Learn how to downsize your beauty routine for travel!


What’s your must have beauty item? Is there one product you just can’t leave at home?


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