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What if I told you that you could pack a pedometer, stopwatch, workout videos, exercise encyclopedia and personal trainer in your carry on luggage?

Seems too good to be true right?


Top 5 Smartphone Apps for Travel Fitness


Well, thanks to some amazing technology, all of these workout tools can be accessed right from your smartphone. Here is a list of the 5 fitness-related smartphone apps that I never leave home without.







Sometimes when I travel I spend days on end walking endlessly. There are lots of sights to see, and I end up getting my workout in just by walking. Then there are the kinds of trips that aren’t so active. You know the ones, lots of pool time, and not much activity. Argus is the perfect motivator to get me up and moving on those more sedentary days.

The Argus app allows you to set a daily step goal for yourself and then tracks your step count whenever you have your smartphone on you. Once you’ve reached your goal you’ll get a little message of congratulations. I set my daily goal at 10,000 steps, and with the Argus app, I’m always able to reach my goal.





Tabata Timer


Tabata or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is a quick and easy workout routine that gives you a great calorie burn but can be tricky to time. Trying to time your quick 20 second bursts of activity and your 10 seconds of rest can prove to be quite the challenge.

The Tabata Timer app makes the timing process a breeze. Just press start, and the app does all the timing work for you. All you have to do is focus on working up a sweat!







Running is the perfect travel workout. You can get your exercise and sightseeing done all at once.

Regardless of whether you are running one mile or ten miles, having a running app at your side is a great way to track your progress. MapMyRun is by far my favorite running app. I just turn it on at the start of my run and it will track my route and pace. It even talks over my music to let me know how I’m doing throughout.

The best part of MapMyRun is the additional support you receive when you create an account. Not only are all your runs uploaded to their website, but they send you weekly and monthly emails summarizing your runs. It’s a great way to stay motivated while traveling and at home.





Interval Timer


A lot of my travel workouts regimes are timed. Although most smartphones have a built-in timer, stopping after my 1 minute of burpees to reset my timer for my 1 minute of pushups just isn’t an efficient use of time.

Interval Timer allows you to create custom made interval training regimes. I would suggest pre-programming your favorite workouts into the timer prior to leaving for your travels. That way, when you are on the road, you can just select your pre-programmed routine and get started.






Often times the hardest part of working out while travelling is figuring out what to do. iFitness is a one stop shop for workout inspiration of all kinds.

iFitness has a huge library of both individual exercises and workout routines. You can also use their library to create your own routines and keep them programmed within the app.

So there you have it, my 5 favorite smart phone apps for travel fitness. Keep these by your side and they are guaranteed to act as great motivators to keep up your fitness routine while on the road. If you are looking for a little more travel fitness motivation, check out these 3 quick and efficient hotel room workouts.




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