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Over the past few weeks I’ve shared with you numerous travel gadgets backpackers and long-term travelers might find useful on their trips. From sleeping bag liners to fast drying towels and headlamps, TFG’s got you covered. And now I share with you:


The One Item I Always Overpack: Tissue Packs



I recently learned about a cool new packaging design for Puffs tissues to conveniently help them fit in every aspect of your life—a first-of-its-kind design: Puffs SoftPack. It’s a functional design which includes a full-size amount of Puffs Basic tissues, yet it stays presentable no matter where you stuff it, crush it, or carry it. No need to transfer tissues into a ziploc bag!




Puffs Tissue Soft Pack


I giggled when reading about this new Puffs SoftPack design because the truth is that this is one of the absolute travel essentials anywhere I go! In fact, my boyfriend must take about two dozen travel size tissue packs before leaving on a new leg of our long-term travels.



These are my top reasons why I never travel without tissue packs:



Toilet Paper Deficit:


It’s really hard to come by toilet paper abroad especially in public bathrooms. As women, we need to wipe every time and drippin’ dry is not my favorite thing to do. I’m always prepared with a tissue pack in my bag.


Unexpected Allergies:


I get so many more allergies traveling than I would at home. Having tissue packs handy helps avoid sniffling embarrassment.


Accidents Do Happen:


I may not always have a Band-Aid in my purse but I’m always guaranteed to find tissues. They’re the perfect temporary fix for small cuts.


Market Mess:


I love eating at local market stalls especially in South East Asia but it’s rare to find napkins (or utensils for that matter). I always pack tissues and a spork.


Germ Alert:


I’m not a huge fan of anti-bacterial gel because dirt is still dirty after it’s smudged on your hands. Tissues help wipe away any residue that’s leftover.


Makeup Blunders:


After a day’s sightseeing, my eye makeup or mascara may not look as glamorous as it did in the morning. Tissues make it easy to wipe away clean.


Facial Care:


The last thing I want to do is touch my face after a day of adventures. Tissues help clean up eye boogers without risking an eye infection.


Sweaty Summers:


I’m a sun chaser and with endless summers comes relentless heat. From forehead to upper lip, tissues keep the not-so-cute glow off my face.



Do you travel with tissue packs?


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This has been a promotional post on behalf of Puffs SoftPack but my travel experience with tissues is genuine.