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Carole Terwilliger Meyers is a freelance travel writer and the author of 17 books! She’s also been featured on the Today Show and has worked as both a movie and restaurant critic.

She shares her adventures on several blogs including Travels with Carole. With food that will leave your mouth-watering and fun vacation destinations, her blog will leave you wanting to have a food tour through the USA and Mexico among other international destinations! Read along to find out how this career traveler prepares for her frequent travels.


Interview With Carole





What is your packing style?

I need to be comfortable and I don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping for particular clothing items when I travel, so I pack a little HEAVIER! I can take MORE if I am driving, so that I have some choices at my destination. Believe it or not, I use the same 26-inch suitcase for every trip. It is a hole, and I fill it.

Most items are travel size but I do always take my full size Clinique anti-perspirant.


Do you have a specific packing strategy to maximize your space and belongings?

I do make an effort to pack light and really appreciate some of the newer shoes that weigh very little. I do leave most items on hangers so that I just have to whip them out and into the closet when I arrive. I can’t stand folding and unfolding.

I maintain my efficient packing by keeping everything I need that is special to trips in my empty suitcase (which means it is no longer empty. In fact my husband complains that it is heavier empty than full!) So that is where my long johns, passport case, mini cosmetics, slippers, etc. are stored. Then when I pack, I go through it all, putting it in an empty laundry basket as I go, and I rarely forget anything important.


Do you pack any special clothing items or accessories for nice restaurants and special outings?

I do tend to dress a little more stylishly for Europe and NYC and pack a top and attractive necklace to distract people from my usually black bottoms and comfy shoes. But I did just return from a trip to L.A. during which I attended a party in Beverly Hills and for that trip I did pack and wear my 3-inch spike heels and a nice, but comfy, dressy outfit.


How many pairs of shoes do you recommend? Any specific brands or types?

I usually wind up with 3 or 4. I must have my travel slippers, my pool flip flops, my Mephisto walking shoes, and usually a few more.


Finally, any travel packing tips for new travelers?

Some people say keep to a basic color. I usually mix black and grey and toss in some colors. I almost always travel with my beloved black heavy cashmere shawl/neck scarf. It looks great and keeps me cozy. I’ve worn it to bed when a room is cooler than I find comfortable, I snuggle with it  on the plane, and I wear it as a shawl wrap over anything and it always looks smashing.

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