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Not many women can wear travel clothing brands and still look perfectly polished. Lisa from We Said Go Travel is an exception to that statement.

Recently, I had a chance to hang out with Lisa and her husband George for a week while they traveled in Thailand. I was taken aback not only by her enthusiastic sense of travel adventure, but also by her natural beauty inside and out.

I instantly hoped she’d agree to do an interview and was super stoked when she did!

One of my favorite aspects about Lisa’s packing choices is that she travels with buys from all over the world. Her travel wardrobe includes memories from Mexico, Tonga, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and a special gift from Fiji.

Read on to find out more about what makes Lisa so unique and learn about her favorite travel must haves.




Interview with Lisa



Q: How do your original travel clothing choices in 2008 compare with how you travel now?

In 2008 I only packed “easy to travel” clothes. We were going on a yearlong trip in South East Asia and George said I could only bring what I could carry. I packed very practical clothing including Exofficio underwear that were super durable and also Magellan type travel clothing for women.

When George saw what I packed for the trip he was shocked. He thought that it was outrageous that companies could sell clothes so unattractive regardless of what technological benefit they had. What’s the point of having efficient clothes if they’re just downright ugly? He had a good point.


Q: How did you edit your travel wardrobe when you made this realization?

The clothes that I thought made sense because they were “easy” for travel were the first to go.
Then I got rid of my “just in case” items including my first aid kit. When I finally did get sick, I had to buy antibiotics at the pharmacy anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered if I had the things from my first aid kit.


Q: You have luminous skin, how do you maintain your skincare routine on the road?

When I travel I use Oil of Olay moisturizer with 15 spf sunscreen during the day and also their Regenerist night cream. I don’t wear makeup at home so the most I’d travel with is maybe mascara and eye liner maximum.




Q: Your hair always looks glossy and smooth. How do you maintain your hair on the road?

I always have my hair straightened at home and when I’m traveling. I use a combination of the Brazilian and Japanese permanent straightening methods. (Editor’s note: That’s what I do too! Check out my tips on finding a good hair salon on the road.)

I use the Wen intensive hair mask as a leave in treatment especially after salt water.


Q: How do you feel about the quantity of the items you packed – did you have enough or too many shirts, underwear, socks, etc.?

I generally pack 2 of each travel clothing item with the exception of t-shirts – 2 pants, 2 trousers, 6 t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, jeans (rule: they go with everything), 2 bathing suits, 2 shoes, 1 skirt, 1 sarong, 6-7 undies, 4 bras, 3 socks, 2 earrings, my wedding band and no dresses.


Q: What are some of your favorite travel fashion packing tips?
  1.  Commit to an easy color: black or brown and pack.
  2. Pack then take out half.
  3. A good general quantity of clothing is about 2 of each item.


Great tips Lisa! It was a pleasure meeting you in person and thank you so much for allowing me to interview you! Don’t forget to check out Lisa’ and George’s adventures on their super popular travel blog: We Said Go Travel.

What did you think of Lisa’s tips? Have any of your own? 

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