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If you’re on vacation for Christmas, but you still want to celebrate the joys of the season, learn our readers’ tips on how to make a temporary Christmas tree to decorate your accommodation!


Create a Temporary Christmas Tree


Traveling during the Christmas season can be magical. The streets are lit up, and nothing will get you into the festive mood faster than the sight of Christmas trees and lights. But your undecorated accommodation can put a damper on your festive spirit.


Our readers offer creative ideas on how to create a temporary Christmas tree no matter where you are in the world!




Live Potted Rosemary Tree


Buy a Plant


One reader suggests buying “a rosemary tree locally. You can then leave it as a gift for your host or any place cooking lessons are taught.” Another reader says, “Rosemary trees are perfect.” It’s a fantastic solution with multi purposes!

Another reader recommends buying a “small Norfolk Island Pine plant. You can hang mini ornaments and lights on it, too. It looks adorable.” What an awesome way to create a festive look!




Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Balls


Buy some baubles and use them to decorate and dress the nearest plant you can find. One reader even suggests using a pineapple. So why not hang some tinsel and a few baubles of the leaves of a pineapple for a tropical approach this Christmas time?




Coxeer Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration


Felt Christmas Tree  


Hang this novelty 3-foot-tall durable felt tree to a wall or door at your accommodation. Have fun with your children and pin the different ornaments to the tree. It’s just like decorating a tree at your home!  

Our readers love this travel flat Christmas tree, because it is great for small spaces, so it’s perfect for traveling. One reader suggests hanging it on a pole or curtain rod. Another reader recommends “pinning up fairy lights to it as well.”




Lovepop Ornate Tabletop Christmas Tree


Ornate Tabletop Christmas Tree


Buy this classic 3D tabletop Christmas tree from Lovepop before you leave, and then slip it into your bag. The tree is complete with intricate, laser-cut branches and decorated with ornaments, a fabric tree skirt, and lightweight locking base. It is 21 inches tall and 13 inches wide when fully unfolded.

It will add a dose of Christmas cheer to your accommodation this holiday season. One reader says, “This is just the right size and packs flat to take with you.”




Christmas Tree Party Table Centerpiece


3D Christmas Tree Party Table Centerpiece


For a cheaper alternative to the Christmas tree from Lovepop, have a look at these Christmas tree party pieces from Paper Jazz. Get three, flat-pack, DIY Christmas trees of three different sizes for a great accessory for decorating your accommodation. They are perfect to place on display on any flat surface, such as a fireplace mantel, book shelf, tabletop, or window sill.




Inflatable LED Lit Christmas Tree & Presents Lawn Yard Decoration


HOMCOM Inflatable LED Lit Christmas Tree and Presents


For some festive fun this Christmas time, why not pack this 4-foot tall inflatable Christmas tree, complete with multicolored lights and presents at the base? This tree will lighten up your accommodation with built-in-white LED lights for a soft and ambient glow.

This inflatable tree is easy to set up and take down once your Christmas trip is over. The tree will self inflate in minutes when plugged into any standard electrical outlet and deflates just as quickly.




Best International Travel Adapter


A travel adapter enables you to plug your non dual-voltage electronics into international outlets. Not all countries use the same type of plug, so I recommend you buy an international adapter like this.


Note: If you choose to travel abroad with this Inflatable Christmas Tree, you will need to pack a travel adapter.




Christmas Tinsel Garland


Create Your Own Garland Christmas Tree


Several readers recommend making a flat Christmas tree out of tinsel. Fold the tinsel out into a zig zag pattern to create into the shape of tree. One reader says, “It’s actually pretty cute, especially if you put fairy lights in with the garland.”




Holiday Wonderland Clear Green Wire Christmas Mini Light Set


Instead of using tinsel to create your Christmas tree, pack battery-operated Christmas lights. One reader says she “created a tree triangle shape out of LED battery lights.”

You also can use LED battery lights to brighten up your accommodation. One reader says she,  “hung lights up around the mirror and stuck them up with three Band-aids, and then we left them behind.”  




Little Trees® Car Air Fresheners Royal Pine Scent


Little Trees Car Air Fresheners


Several readers recommend hanging tree air fresheners around your room. One reader says, “It has a dual purpose and packs flat.”

Bonus, it takes up little room in your luggage while leaving your accommodation smelling lovely and fresh!




Go out and buy a small, cheap local tree and then donate it afterward. One reader says when she traveled to Paris, “They sold small trees in the Monoprix grocery store.”

Or just make use of any local evergreen. One reader says one year, “We grabbed a branch off the ground at the Christmas marked in Munich as it closed on Christmas eve and then decorated it with battery-operated LED lights.” Instant Christmas tree!  


What are your creative ideas on how to make a temporary Christmas tree? Share in the comments below!   


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