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Jewelry is one of my three favorite travel accessories and my favorite travel souvenirs to collect. Jewelry makes great travel gifts for your friends and family back home. It’s light to carry, unique to each country, and is more practical than something like a magnet.

In the past five years of my travels I’ve collected accessories from all over the world. Some I always travel with, others I keep safe guarded in my overpriced storage in Los Angeles.

Amongst my collection of wearable souvenirs, these are some of my favorite jewelry finds from around the globe:


Keep your Memories Close with Wearable Souvenirs


Brass/Copper Bangles in Kenya

I found my treasured bangles at the border between Kenya and Tanzania in 2010. I only had 400 Kenyan shilling ($12) left of the local currency and offered the remainder of my money to the lovely ladies who had a cute handicraft shop at the border. I hope I overpaid because the bracelets are my number one thing to wear every single day and totally worth much more in my eyes.

Feather Earrings in Peru

Feather handmade earrings have been one of my favorite jewelry items to buy in South America since my first trip there in 2008. Going back to Peru in 2011, I searched high and low for the perfect earrings and found them with a talented street vendor for about $7 in Mancora. Because they were so delicate I hesitated to travel with them but figured if I left them in my storage I’d never see them again. When you love something so much one set of earrings is all you need.

Antique Silver Cuff in Jordan

I bought an antique inspired silver cuff at Petra in Jordan of 2008. I love cuffs and they are by far one of my favorite styles of bracelets. They’re so exotic and make such a strong impact with minimal effort. The old look of this Jordan cuff was one of my favorite buys for just $4.

Handmade wire rings in Venice Beach

Although Venice beach is in my hometown of LA, it boasts an eclectic variety of street vendors from all over the world. When I’m at home and getting a travel itch, I like to head down to Venice because I feel like I’m transported to South America, Mexico, Egypt, Africa, and India. I’ve gotten my favorite rings here in Venice; it’s tough to choose just one. An amber ring I purchased in 2009 for just $5 was my ring of choice for 2011.

Claddagh Ring in Ireland

The item I long to get is from a country I have not been to: Ireland. On my last Africa overland tour I met Dominique that had a traditional Claddagh ring from Ireland. I thought the Claddagh ring meaning was absolutely beautiful. Even though I’m traveling to Europe next I don’t know if Ireland is on the schedule. I might try to convince my good Irish friend Enda (and the web designer for Travel Fashion Girl) into hooking me up with one of his super cute Claddagh Rings from his website: The Celtic Jeweler. He has generously donated a beautiful Claddagh Jewelry Set for the Passports with Purpose Holiday Fundraiser. Donate to win!

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