Do you travel with a partner, friend, or family member? Here are some space saving packing hacks when you travel with someone else!


Space Saving Packing Hacks

Written By: Nina Thomas


There are so many perks to traveling with another person: exploring new places together, enjoying companionship on long flights and having a trail buddy for strenuous hikes.

There are also perks that make traveling easier. Packing with each other in mind gives new meaning to the word share. Not only can you save space in your suitcase, but you can create a more versatile wardrobe!

If you’re traveling with a boyfriend, husband, or brother you can use many unisex items to mix and match. And if you’re traveling with another girl, then plan your accessories and beauty tools, together.

Here are a few packing hacks for traveling with your companion that make life a little bit easier!


Sharing electronics



Smart Headphone Splitter | Multi Headphone Splitter


This is an easy way to avoid bringing too many electronics. Pick one item to share between the two of you, such as a tablet or Macbook. If you want to listen to music or watch a movie together on the device, you can purchase a headphone splitter so you both can plug in your earbuds.

The biggest issue you might encounter when listening to the same thing is the need for different volume settings so you may want to choose a headphone splitter like this one that allows you each to control your own. If you’re traveling with more than one person, then a multi-headphone splitter like this one, would work perfectly!

You can bring one camera to share, and of course use your phones while the other one is getting their serious-photography game on.

If you end up taking two phones or two cameras, we don’t recommend is that you share chargers. Instead, bring a dual adapter like this one one that allows you to charge both at the same time so there’s no need to argue over who’s battery life is most important.

Bringing various devices can be cumbersome and add a serious amount of weight to your baggage, so this is a great way to avoid the need to bring it all.


Take a look at our electronic checklist to see what else you can share or combine!


Sharing a day-pack



Herschel Backpack | Osprey Backpack


Consider bringing one day bag, such as a small backpack or messenger bag, and then take turns carrying it every other day. (Not sure what’s a day bag? Find out.) Try to choose a color you both like to wear and if you can’t decide, stick with a neutral like those shown above.

Sharing the load makes sightseeing more carefree, and means you bring one less bag between the two of you. I typically have one bag where my partner and I put our guidebook, bottled water, snacks and camera.


If you won’t need a daypack everyday, bring a packable style, instead!


Sharing a carry-on



Bric’s Rolling Duffle | Samsonite Hardside Spinner


For shorter trips, you may get away with bringing only one carry-on. You can each put your clothing in a difference packing cube or take a hard suitcase where you can pack in your own side.

If you both have a personal item, that’s a total of only three bags between the two of you instead of four. If you’re staying in smaller hotels or bed and breakfasts, less is more – especially in places like Paris or Italy!


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Sharing toiletries



Coconut Oil Organic Extra Virgin


There are many toiletry items that you can share, and maybe even some you haven’t thought of. Of course your typical toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash are the obvious choices.

You can bring a versatile product such as coconut oil, which makes a great skin moisturizer (and beard softener if you’re traveling with a guy). Many hair products can also be shared as well, such as gel or mouse.


Use small travel containers to downsize your favorite full size products!


Sharing accessories



 Neck Gaiter | Wood Sunglasses


There are many accessories that can be used by both women and men: sunglasses, scarves, backpacks, and more. Instead of packing two scarves, you can trade back and forth between the two of you if you have different outfits you want to accessorize. Bandanas are also a great hiking accessory that anyone can use!

My partner and I like to trade sunglasses at times if we want a different look, and we even share a couple of leather bracelets that look good on both of us.


Traveling as a couple? Here are a few more tips.


Sharing memories and souvenirs



Point & Shoot Camera | Canvas Camera Bag


Sharing a camera means that you each get to take photographs of each other in different places, but another thing you can share is souvenirs if you live together. You don’t each have to purchase a Mexican blanket or Chilean pottery, but you can purchase one and share it.

As a fun surprise, pick up something from your trip that you can give to your travel partner at a later date.


What are your packing tips when traveling with others? Please comment!






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