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Choosing the best travel shoes for winter and cold weather travel can be quite challenging. While not all winter trips require waterproof footwear, there are certain steps you can take before and after a trip to ensure the shoes you choose will stay in top shape! Follow these shoe care tips and stay tuned for our top waterproof boot picks this weekend!


How to Care for your Shoes in Winter





Add waterproof spray.


When snow and rain hit the forecast, protecting your shoes is a priority. The last thing you want is wet and cold feet on your travels! Leather boots, especially those lined with fur, look stylish and will definitely keep your feet warm, but they’re not always water resistant.


Enhance and protect your footwear by adding a protective spray on the exterior before leaving on your trip. For hiking boots, you can also find extra-strength options like this one.




Clean your shoes immediately after they’ve been in the rain.


Insert old newspaper to absorb the moisture and place it away from direct heat. Wipe away the water with a clean rag.


For dust and dirt: Use a fine horsehair brush to help remove these unwanted blemishes when you get back from your travels.



Give your shoes some TLC.


Condition your leather booties by regularly buffing them up. Add a moisture-infused shoe wax to bring back their polished glow. Follow this shoe care regimen once a week for best results.


For your unused footwear: Store your shoes using covers to increase their longevity.



Apply white vinegar solution to wipe away salt stains.


This concoction is easy: mix white vinegar with water and dab it sparingly on your shoes using a rag or a cotton ball.


As with any cleaning solution, spot test first!



Take care of your feet.


You also want to protect the interior of your shoes by making sure your feet are clean before wearing them. Moisture buildups can cause unseen mold inside lined shoes, and this damage is harder to repair than usual salt stains and water.


For boots and trainers, wearing socks with antimicrobial or moisture wicking properties is recommended. For flats, you might like these liners instead.






Wear suede when there’s a high chance of rain.


Enjoy your favorite suede booties and brogues during autumn, but our best shoe care tip is to hide them away when there’s rain or snow in the forecast.


You can use a protectant for suede shoes but there’s a high possibility of ruining them if the fabric gets wet.



Place your favorite footwear near the furnace.


Do you dry your shoes by the heater or radiator when wet? The heat dispels moisture but it also creates cracks and blemishes in your beloved shoes.


Avoid this if possible but when you’re traveling your shoes need to dry quickly to ensure a comfortable experience the following day.



Be lazy.


It may be tempting to just remove your shoes and throw them on the hotel room floor after a long day walking.  However, not only will this deface the footwear’s original shape, this is also the main reason for untimely wrinkles in the material.


Make sure to place your shoes upright on a rack or shelf.



Forget to air dry.


Despite the chilly weather, the best way to recover your shoes’ best shape is to have them dry from the inside out naturally.


Which means: It is best to have an alternate pair, especially when traveling. Even if you’re an ultra minimalist, always pack at least two pairs of shoes.



Be stingy in investing on Shoe care kits.


Whether they’re designer or budget you can help them last through the seasons by using a shoe care kit. Read reviews, tips and tricks from the shoe company’s website and follow them.


Your footwear will stand another winter season or two if cared for properly.




What are your best shoe care tips for the winter? 


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