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Everyone loved the movie 500 Days of Summer; but what if you could have 500 days of honeymoon? Newlyweds Anne and Mike decided to have a round the world honeymoon traveling to 25 countries for over 500 days! Packing for a long term trip isn’t easy but read to find out how Anne managed it and how it differed from your average honeymoon!


Interview Question for Anne from Honey Trek:


Q: Considering you’re traveling for an extended period of time, did you have to sacrifice clothing or toiletry items that you would normally pack for a trip?


I tried to pack with the versatility and multi-function in mind.  This obviously means some sacrifice but if you are going to carry something around for 500 days, it better be worth its weight. At home I would never think to use two-in-one shampoo but on the road, even a small space savings like that is valuable. (Pantene two-in-one is actually pretty good and available in most countries.) Shoes are probably the biggest sacrifice. You can always sneak in an extra tank-top, but shoes…three is about all a backpack can handle happily. I use my girly Malindi Crocs as rain boots, shower shoes, and city kicks; Aerosoles gladiator sandals for “dress-up” shoes and the beach; and Merrell hiking sneakers for all things rugged. Also to freshen things up, I like to buy a piece of clothing or jewelry in most countries to get a little local flair in my wardrobe.


Q: How does packing for your honeymoon differ from packing for a regular trip?


If I was packing for a two-week honeymoon, flirty dresses, high heels, and négligées would be essential but this is no normal honeymoon. That said, I didn’t go all anti-microbial granny-panties. I have few lacy drawers (since you hand-wash on the road anyway), my Sephora all-in-one makeup palette can get me ready for any big night out, and I have a couple pieces of fun jewelry to dress things up.


Q: Many women pack a convertible dress or little black dress when they travel. Did you pack one and if so, which dress?


Of course! I’ve had the Jersey Bandeu dress/100 Ways Dress from American Apparel for years and I wear it about four different ways. Though the thing I probably wear most often is the long cotton Maxi skirt I got from Max Studio. It can go conservative for visiting religious sites, but paired with a cute tank top or even hiked up as a strapless dress, it can become a pretty sexy number.


Q: Do you have any packing tips for women traveling with their partner? Should you pack a special dress or romantic touches?


It’s hard to keep anything on reserve during a long trip, but mixing up your makeup, jewelry and hair can go a long way. If we are having a nicer night out, I’ll do my hair in a bun off to the side to show a little more neck and maybe throw in a small flower for color and scent. Though it’s easy enough to do all the time, keeping it for certain occasions makes it seem a bit more special. As for romantic touches, having a small scented candle on hand can make even a bland room feel romantic.


Q: Now that you’ve started your journey, would you make any changes to your original packing list?


We’ve been really happy with what we’ve packed, with our top essentials probably being:

1. Our own pillows and Cocoon Coupler travel sheets (it can be a queen or convert to two twins). Though it’s still a space splurge even in a compression sack, having that comfort of home when you are changing beds every few nights is completely worth it!

2. SteriPEN Freedom water purifier. This small UV-light stick saves us from ever buying bottled water bottle. Which if you figure two a day, that is about 700 plastic bottles and $350 that didn’t go to waste.

3. Loksak storage bags. We use the varying sizes of these incredibly durable bags as our toiletry kits, important paper storage, kitchen pantry, utility closet, and more. Sometimes their seals break (after months of hard living) but the shell is quite durable and you can always fill in with Ziplocs later.

 4Pack clothes you love, not “travel clothes”. If you wouldn’t wear convertible hiking pants at home, why would you suddenly want to wear them every three days? Pack your favorite t-shirts, casual dresses, shorts, and jeans because you have to look at this handful of clothes every day…it should be the stuff that makes you feel good.


Whether your heading on a 5 day or 500 day honeymoon, check out Travel Fashion Girl’s Honeymoon Packing List for travel essentials to make this special trip one to remember for a lifetime! Thank you Anne for sharing your awesome tips and don’t forget to check out her inspirational travel blog: HoneyTrek.


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