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If you’re a blowout addict, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of money on a voluminous do. Who doesn’t love the feeling of princess-like hair when you walk out of a salon?

Read on to find out which products will make your vacation blowout last for days!


Products That Will Make Your Blowout Last


It’s natural for any hairdo to get lackluster by day 2 or 3. The weather and oil buildup can make your hair greasy and flat. While it’s a luxury to visit a blowdry bar every week, chances are you’re looking to extend your blowout to save some time in between blow drying your hair at home.


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If you’re looking to stretch your blowout for up to a week, these hacks will help save time getting ready for the day!


A Good Cleanse





The first step to assuring a blowout lasts for up to a week starts with your hair stylist. Most will use high-quality salon-grade products to produce a soft, voluminous look.

Making sure your hair doesn’t go greasy or flat after day one starts with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products used during your blowout session.


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Any product that your stylist uses has to be compatible with your hair type. Using minimal products will help avoid your scalp producing excess oil. Avoid a blowdry bar that gives a light hair wash–if your hair isn’t squeaky clean, chances are your blowout won’t last the next day.

Drybar Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo deep cleanses hair to completely eliminate product buildup for a lively blowout. A good cleanse requires a thorough lather and deep condition to remove old product and oil residue.


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Sleep on Silk



Silk Pillowcase


It goes without saying that silk is one of the most delightfully soft fabrics, so why doesn’t everyone own a silk pillowcase?

Silk and satin pillowcases are resistant to moisture buildup, unlike cotton that absorbs sweat and oil. Silk pillowcases will help reduce frizz and prevent split ends while you sleep.

To keep your blowout voluminous, twist your hair in a loose topknot with bobby pins to keep it away from your face. Do not put your hair in a tight ponytail or a bun that will ruin the waves and curls. Throw on a bandana or a scarf to keep your scalp ventilated and free from oil that can transfer from your skin to your hair.


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Post-Blowout Boost



Dry Shampoo


Greasy hair is one of the biggest concerns after a blowout. Since the invention of dry shampoo, many women have been able to avoid washing their hair for longer periods.

If your scalp tends to produce a lot of oil (or sweat), using either baby powder or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo lightly on your scalp will help de-grease the shine.

Focus the product around your roots where it looks the most shiny or greasy. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute the dry shampoo from roots to ends.


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For women whose hair tends to get oily really fast, here’s a tip: use some dry shampoo on your roots on the first night before going to bed, before your hair even starts to get oily.

If you’re lacking volume, back combing a few sections with a boar bristle brush and then using a dry shampoo will help lock in the lift. If you’re living in a polluted city, keep your dry shampoo at hand to preserve your blowout for a few extra days.

Avoid using any product in excess since buildup can irritate the scalp.


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Moisture is Your Enemy



Shower cap


The more you love to play with your hair, the more chances for dirt, debris, and oil buildup. Avoid touching your hair, especially after using hand cream or when your hands are damp. Any moisture added to your hair will coat the strands and cause your blowout to go flat.

When washing your hair or doing any physical activity that can cause sweating, a cotton headband will help your hairline avoid contacting the moisture. When hair is exposed to water, it can lead to frizz and flatten your roots.

When bathing, avoid taking a hot bath since the steam can flatten your hair. If you do take a shower or a bath, wrap your hair in a loose topknot and cover it in a shower cap.


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Remember, a good hair style adds the perfect finishing touch to any well-planned travel outfit!


Who said you can’t extend your blowout for almost a week? These blowout hacks will make your trip to the salon well worth it!

Do you have anything to add to our list? Please share in the comments!


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