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I recently had the pleasure of taking a business class flight from Phuket, Thailand to London, England with Emirates and thought I’d create a fun video on the plane showing you my flight essentials. Flight camera action!


Flight Essentials


You’re allowed two items on a plane: one carry-on and one personal item. While these may vary in size and style there are certain flight essentials I always have inside my personal item. I want easy access to these items as I’ll need them throughout my flight.

My latest journey was an 18 hour jaunt from Phuket, Thailand to London, England with a four hour stop in Dubai. (The layover was an experience in itself! I was in the Business Class lounge at the Dubai Airport which was practically its own terminal!)


For this trip I used my Rebecca Minkoff backpack purse as my personal item and my Jansport backpack as my carry-on.


Watch my flight essentials video below or on YouTube:


Leave a comment in the video sharing your top plane essentials!

My In-flight Essentials as shown in the video:

1. Passport with Cover


A passport is an obvious necessity but this is something that is never in the overhead and always in my purse or other personal item under the seat in front of me. As a frequent flyer, my passport gets pretty roughed up so I always have it protected.

Currently I’m using this Rebecca Minkoff passport cover, which I also featured in my video on how I packed for 4 weeks carry-on only. Unfortunately, it’s now sold out but you can find similar style here!


This is how to choose the best in-flight travel purse!


2. Pen


One of the things it seems that many travelers forget to bring on a plane is a pen. However, it’s an absolute must if you’re flying internationally since you’ll need to fill out Landing Cards both entering another country and returning to your own.

One of the major perks of flying Business Class with Emirates was that they had express options for immigration and security checks while transiting with their Fast Track program. Major plus since I was flying into London Heathrow!


3. Travel Hair Brush


I actually have two travel hair brushes. The one shown in the video and even a smaller one for short side trips. This is a regular drug store brand, Goody Ouchless. I bought it on the recommendation of my hair stylist when I was trying to grow out my hair for my wedding last year.

She suggested I use ribbon hair ties, silk pillow case, and a cushion hair brush to care for my hair and help it grow. I like the brush and continued to travel with it even after the wedding.


4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste


There is one thing that can make you feel rejuvenated after (or during) a long flight: brushing your teeth. Pack your travel toothbrush and toothpaste in your personal item so you have easy access to it on your journey.

Some airlines also give you a disposable travel set like the one I showed you in the video. That one was from the Emirates flight so it made it even easier.


Worried about carrying too many liquids on board? Use solid toiletries like these (includes toothpaste)!


5. Hand Moisturizer


My hands get sooo incredibly dry on a flight that it’s super important I always have moisturizer. I tend to use varied brands but the most important thing to me is that they’re extra-moisturizing and soothing for dry skin.

In the video I showed you L’Occitane hand cream but I also recommend this one one from Neutrogena.


6. Eye Drops


Whether it’s from the lack of moisture or just plain exhaustion, another of my flight essentials is a bottle of eye drops. They refresh my tired eyes and get rid of any redness. Plus, sometimes I get allergies when I travel so this also helps deal with that, too.


7. Lip Balm


I have to admit I’m a “chapstick-addict” but it’s not the only reason I always have one by my side in my flight essentials. The air in a flight can really dry out you your skin and lips so that’s why many of the items on this list are all about moisture.

I use the traditional strawberry Chapstick but I want to switch to a natural one. Any suggestions?


8. Water


The flight attendants always tell me I drink so much water so I tend to bring my own bottles of water on board. Even though they’re super expensive at the airport, it’s worth the price of having water at my finger tips instead of feeling completely parched on a flight if the beverage service isn’t up to par.

One of the bonuses of the Emirates Business Class is that it had it’s own mini-bar so I had access to water and other drinks. Plus, there was also an in-flight cocktail bar and lounge so it was nice to have access to more water (and other drinks) and have a chance to get up to walk around and stretch my legs.


You can also bring a collapsible water bottle to refill as needed!


9. Cleansing Wipes


I always bring a packet or two of anti-bacterial wipes and makeup remover wipes as part of my flight essentials. It’s nice to be able to disinfect my hands and the seat trays along with anything else that may look a bit suspect. Savvy Travelers offers single use wipes for these and other things.

On long flights, I remove my makeup to sleep and freshen up before exiting the airport. Concealer, blush, and mascara go a long way. It’s nice to arrive in a new destination looking fresh faced and ready to see the world!


These are other travel wipes to help minimize your toiletries!


Those are my flight essentials. What are yours? Share in the comments below!





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