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Detox Spa Retreats are wonderful for a variety of reasons. Whether you want a relaxing solo vacation or a girly weekend away, there are different types of wellness retreats available to meet your needs.


Revitalize your Mind and Body with a Detox!

This past year I got a chance to discover that a detox spa offers incredible health benefits and it’s not just for the sake of beauty. After traveling through Central America and South East Asia last year, the lack of diet and healthy food was starting to take a toll. Let’s face it; some of us let our healthy routines slip a bit when we’re traveling. As a permanent nomad, I do it more than I’d like to admit.

Luckily, my temporary expat island home of Koh Samui had an abundance of wellness retreats that are just the type of thing you need to help in this type of situation.




It was time to detox.


The Health Oasis Resort invited me to participate in one of their “mini detox spa retreats”. Only 3.5 days, I thought this would be a great introduction to the world of detox without over-committing myself. I really dislike not eating and never imagined that I would successfully (or willingly) participate in a fast.

Ladies, let me tell you, you have to look into one of these detox spa getaways. They’re incredible! While the actual process may not be glamorous, the way you feel afterwards is extraordinary. My skin was radiant, I felt high on life, my tummy was happy, and as an added bonus, I lost a few pounds.

Both women and men participate in wellness and spa retreats for a variety of reasons. Some want to rejuvenate their spirit by cleansing the physical. Others do it to encourage a healthy digestive system. Most that I met were doing it for the weight loss benefits.




Here’s the lowdown:


  • Fasting and Colon Detox incorporates an array of different formulas, treatments, and classes to create a combined effect of transformation and comfort.
  • Herbal supplements improve absorption of nutrients and promote a balanced metabolism.
  • Colonics are provided to stimulate healthy digestion, flush out bad bacteria, and rid your digestive tract of unwanted parasites.
  • Polarity zapping, or vibrational parasite cleansing, further helps remove unwelcome guests in the large intestine.
  • Dry skin brushing allows you to efficiently release toxins and strengthens the immune system.
  • Herbal steam treatments rejuvenate and reawaken the skin, allowing your pores to breathe as dirt and sweat are removed.
  • Decadent and relaxing massages provide total body transformation allowing you let go of stress and clear your mind.


Besides the physical aspect of the program, meditation and yoga classes are encouraged to allow you to really explore yourself, enabling you to maximize the experience. All aspects of the fast, cleanse, and detox aspire to help you achieve a more positive life balance.




Treat Your Mind and Body


Whether you’ve partied a little too much on your trip, need a calming break from the kids, or simply want to improve your body and mind, a wellness and detox spa retreat can be just thing you need.


For the full details on my experience, check out my review of the Health Oasis Resort on my other blog Wanderlust and the Girl.

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