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We’ve all seen photos of celebrities sailing along in their own private yachts. For us mere mortals this will only ever be a dream. This doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little bit of the good life. Cruises are the ultimate way to travel around the world in style. Sail along with a glass of champagne in your hand. These are some of the most glamorous cruise lines and their best cruise holidays. What would you rather, a mediocre holiday or to save a little bit longer and go for luxury? I know what I would do.


The Most Glamorous Cruise Lines for Your Next Holiday




You’ll want to get yourself an ocean view suite; there are six luxury cruise ships in this fleet and therefore more opportunity to get a cabin with a view. There are Bulgari bath products to help you relax whilst bathing, Egyptian cotton sheet and butler service. There is only the very best of the best available on this cruise. There are plenty of worldwide destinations to select from, ranging from the Mediterranean to Africa. The cruise holiday I would recommend you ask. Why not extend your holiday? There is a 115 day world cruise.


Crystal Cruises

This company is known for delivering constant high class service. The crew is trained to anticipate your needs and take note of your preferences. You’ll be able to get a drink at the bar once and then return and order you usual. The staff will even make sure that fresh flowers are placed in your cabin daily. You can make your holiday highly enriching with one of their enrichment programs. They offer language classes, golf lessons, wellness seminars and so much more. If there is something that you always wanted to learn but never had the time, do it on holiday. The 98 day exploring Pacific Rim package is the one that I would recommend.


Regent Seven Seas

There are three ships to select from, each carrying 500 to 700 passengers. There are Canyon Ranch Spa Clubs complimented with L’Occitane bath products. You’ll want to book a cabin with a private balcony so you can enjoy the beautiful views. There are several restaurants, go to a different one each night. Concierge-level or higher suites will get extras included like internet, discounts on liquor and priority dinner reservations. You could even have your own personal butler if you book the penthouse, not too shabby at all. If that’s not good enough you will also have Hermes amenities in your room. The trip you need to book is the Grand crossing cruise across the Atlantic Journey; it’s an 18 day trip.

Experience the best service and the ultimate luxury whilst sailing to your destination, book your cruise today. If money is an issue, which it is for most, check out Avalon Waterway Cruises, they sail all around the world and provide you with gourmet service. Give yourself a treat that you strongly deserve.


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