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Hair takes a beating on a travel adventure. Too much sun, saltwater, and lack of care contribute to dull, tangled, and unmanageable hair.

Unless you’re planning to spend your entire trip in cosmopolitan cities, forget flat irons or blow dryers when you’re traveling. Any attempt at styling your hair will be met with unrelenting humidity, sun, rain, wind, or a combination of all the elements. Plus, it’s a real drag to lug around heavy and unnecessary styling tools in your pack.


Beauty Must Have: Leave In Conditioner


A good leave in conditioner can rescue even the most neglected tresses. A small dab usually goes a long way avoiding the need to carry a large bottle. It can replace the use of styling tools and acts as a styling product or shaving cream. A multi-purpose product, the benefits of a leave in conditioner surpass it’s ability to smooth out frizz.


Travel Fashion Girl Recommends:



Abba Pure Gentle Leave In Conditioner


A small bottle of Abba Pure Gentle Leave In Conditioner can replace regular conditioner, styling aids, and bulky equipment. Only a minimal amount is needed to rejuvenate most hair types. Just a drop of this miracle treatment and bad hair days can be avoided even without a straightener.

Abba Pure Gentle Leave In Conditioner is especially effective for dry, damaged, bleached, or color treated hair. Expensive to order online, a single 6oz bottle can last over a year if used sparingly on medium to long length hair. Worth every dime!

For untamable natural frizzy, wavy, or curly hair there is a semi-permanent solution during travels or for everyday life – hair retexturizing.



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