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Traveling takes a toll on your skin and flights are some of the biggest offenders. Take a look at these airplane beauty tips as we solve five common issues!


Airplane Beauty Tips: 5 Issues and Solutions

Written by: Iona Y.



Dry and dull skin



Rosewater Balancing Mist / HydraQuench Cream Normal to Dry Skin


The air in-flight can wreak havoc on your skin, causing it to look dull and dry (even if you’ve just had a facial pre-flight). To minimize the effects, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and pack a hydrating mist. Bring a light weight moisturizer but use a cleansing wipe before you reapply.

The air in the plane isn’t the cleanest and your skin’s surface attracts grime and dirt. Give your skin a quick cleanse, spritz your face with a mist and then re-apply. Repeat every few hours for the best results.



Airplane Hair (Oily Roots)




Unlike bed head hair, there’s nothing good about airplane hair. If like me you struggle to keep your roots looking fresh (not oily), pack a dry shampoo – a powder version. They’re easy to pack and make through customs than aersol versions. Lightly dust the powder over your roots and let the powder settle for 30 seconds before shaking it out. This will give time for the powder to absorb. (Alternatively, you can also use baby powder.)


Here are five of the best dry shampoos!



Dry and Red Itchy Eyes




If you’re traveling long haul, you’ll probably need to stay up during the hours you’d usually be sleeping. Dry, sleepy eyes don’t like contacts so it’s best to wear glasses when you’re traveling. Wearing glasses comes with its own set of challenges but if you must wear your contacts, remember to pack a solution that’s travel friendly and diligent with cleaning them.


Here are more travel tips for contact wearers!



Dry, flaky lips




No matter what you do, this one will be hard to avoid. As mentioned before, stay hydrated and look for a lip balm that has natural ingredients. Find one in tube form. Pots and tubs are a breeding ground for bacteria on a daily basis, never mind the conditions on the plane. Keep this one in your handbag, you’ll need it. If your lips are still flaky post flight, try scrubbing them gently with a children’s toothbrush or use an exfoliating lip product to remove dead skin cells.



Staying Clean and Feeling Fresh




When you’ve been flying for 8+ hours, the first thing you’ll want to do is shower – hard to do in-flight unless you’re flying first class. It may not be the same but having face wipes and mouthwash will help you feel fresher.


Tips to Looking Fresh After a Long Haul Flight


  • Waterline your eyes with white or nude liner, it subtly opens up your eyes
  • Moisturize your skin with a serum and apply cream over it
  • Use a CC cream, it’ll give you enough coverage
  • A little bit of blush will help you look awake even if you are sleep standing
  • Line your eyes with brown eyeliner. It’ll open up your eyes without adding the drama a black liner would

In-flight Packing List



What are your airplane beauty tips? Please comment below!


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