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Don’t sacrifice your beauty basics in your quest to pack light.With these ultra-light tools, you can beautify your way from shabby to chic!


5 Ultralight Beauty Essentials




MASH Nail Buffer


Nail Buffer


No nail polish, no problem. Only one thing looks worse than chipped nails and that’s brittle nails. Smoothen out your fingers and toes with a travel size nail buffer. It will keep your nails from turning yellow and add a light sheen for a natural manicure look. If you can’t find a small one, cut a regular size one in half! Add a small nail file and you’re good to go!




Tatania Pumice Sponge


Pumice Stone


Walking around in cute flip flops or walking sandals can keep your feet cool but can also reap havoc on your heels. Avoid cracked heels and keep your feet clean by using a foam foot sponge. As with the nail buffer, cut a full size pumice in half if you can’t find a small one.  Scrub with a bit of lotion or conditioner to help smoothen out tough skin.




Conair Soft Bouncy Curls Foam Roller


Hair Rollers


If you’re not planning to lug around a travel size curling iron or straightener, good for you! What you can do to add volume or waves to your natural do is pack a few foam curlers you can wear overnight to set your hair. Remember, pack a handful not a whole set!




Revlon Expert Tweezer




Unruly eyebrows create a generally untidy appearance. Don’t forget to pack a light pair of tweezers to keep your eyebrows nicely groomed and help brighten up your face.




SaveGoodBuy Bun Maker


Hair Bun


Create an elegant updo or bun using the easy to make sock bun method. Opt for a pre-made bun donut that weighs nothing an can be crammed into a small space if needed. If you can spare a little extra space, throw in a small headband to fem it up a bit. Easy, effortless, an ultralight!


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