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Stressing about packing for a trip? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our step by step ebooks that show you what you need to know to pack like a pro!


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Pack Light Stylishly

(Please note this book was previously called “Capsule Wardrobe Essentials”.)


Have you ever looked back at old photos of yourself on vacation and cringed — “what was I thinking?” Never again! Gone are the days of opening up your suitcase and saying you have nothing to wear.

Pack Light Stylishly is your guide to feeling like a fresh and feminine traveler without checking any bags.

Learn simple concepts that will allow you to efficiently select outfits that flatter you on your next trip — whether it’s for business or pleasure, in Mexico or Morocco. Because when you look great, you feel great – we all do!




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What to Wear in Paris: Summer Edition


Your trip of a lifetime is planned to the one-and-only Paris and you have no idea what to wear. Fashion emergency! You’ve been planning this trip for as long as you can remember, and want to look your absolute best in the city of love.

Travel Fashion Girl’s founder Alex has your back.  What to Wear in Paris: Summer Edition is the one-stop answer to look your best in this undeniably chic city.

In Paris, it all boils to down to effortless (yet well-thought) minimalism. Find out how you can put it into practice so you feel well-dressed on this special vacation!




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Stop Overpacking 

(previously named “The 30 Day Travel Fashion Challenge”)


Join TFG’s Editor in this unique packing experience as she walks you through her detailed step-by-step process to pack light and choose the best clothing for travel.

Follow in her foot steps as she reviews her insightful planning strategies, thorough process of product selection, and gives you access to her personal packing secrets she’s learned from eight years of long-term travel experience.

This information packed 200+ page guide features unpublished content plus exclusive videos and printables that will help you transform into a packing-savvy jetsetter in time for your big adventure!