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A couple of months ago Anatomie Wear offered me the chance to test out two of their new collection jackets – the Merika Windbreaker and the Loretta Leather Jacket – to see how they held up in the bitter British winter weather. The jackets have been on tour with me throughout Christmas and the New Year; check out how we got on below…


Merika Windbreaker


The Merika Windbreaker would be my number one jacket of choice from the Anatomie website, the relaxed fit and stylish raincoat mac design definitely appeals to my personal style. When the Merika arrived, I thought it looked rather simple and questioned whether it could really protect me from the British winter weather.

The jacket definitely met its match when it came to the UK climate, it’s safe to say it’s been a pretty dismal winter. The true test came on a New Year’s trip to Seahouses, Northumberland, a coastal village near the border of Scotland; morning walks on the beach were met with ferocious wind and storm worthy rain, would this thin windbreaker really stand its ground?




The uber lightweight fabric of the Merika gives it a perfect for transporting feather light feel, not only does it pack effortlessly into a suitcase, taking up no space at all, it even fits perfectly into a day bag. Whilst sightseeing in the cultural dock city of Liverpool, I simply stashed away the Merika in my handbag, ready to pull out and wear when an unexpected winter shower hit – a glamorous pack a mac – from that moment then, the jacket traveled with me almost everywhere!







I love the design of the Merika Windbreaker; the flattering fit and long length design really appealed to my personal style. The jacket features pull cords at the waist, meaning it can be worn slack, ideal for when I wanted to layer over thermals and a sweater at the coast or pulled to enhance the waist – great for when I wanted a more fitted look. The simple design of the Merika means it is easy to mix and match with a variety of different outfits, from boots and knits in the winter, to being worn as a night cover-up in the summer – great for replacing the favored cardigan or shawl.




The lightweight design of the jacket means that the Merika is uber comfortable to wear; it’s a great alternative to the thick restrictive winter raincoats that you can hardly move in, never mind attempt a Sunday morning run (the Merika is now my go-to jogging jacket!!) The Merika was my cover-up of choice on a recent train journey to Liverpool; I found I could move with ease and remained content throughout the journey – it would make a great jacket choice for a long haul flight.

The jacket has great breathability due to the use of high-performance fabrics to craft, I think it would be the perfect all year round windbreaker, layered over heat-retaining garments in winter and stored in your handbag in the summer, ready to pull out if a pesky summer shower hits (which is definitely more than likely in the UK.)




If a jacket is to make your travel wardrobe it must be versatile, being able to be worn with a variety of different garments for an assortment of different activities and in a diverse range of different climates and cultural destinations.

The removable hood and adjustable sleeves on the Merika meant I could swap and change the style to suit whatever occasion or activity I was undertaking, I rolled the sleeves and removed the hood when being a culture vulture around the city of Liverpool yet could easily unpin the sleeves and reattach the hood when the weather took a windy turn for the worse.







Over the winter, the Merika has accompanied me through the classic wet and windy weather associated with the British seaside to the pleasant yet slightly windy city climate of Liverpool, but how did it cope? The thin appearance of the Merika made me doubt its ability to keep me warm against the strong elements, it’s been a winter rife with flooding and weather warnings, I thought I wouldn’t get much use from the jacket until the milder weather of spring hit.

Whilst holidaying on the Northumberland coast my go to classic trench just wasn’t cutting it against the wind and rain, I decided to debut the Merika on a morning beach walk, the jacket was the perfect windbreaker, layered over thermals and a thick sweater, it became my savior for the very windy weekend away – I will never doubt it again!




The Merika is crafted from high performance fibers that make it lightweight, protective and resistant. Although the fabric is so thin it still managed to keep me toasty, retaining my body heat and eliminating the need to pack a bulky, space eating winter parka, bonus! The jacket has great breathability, meaning I was able to go on long lazy winter walks in not only style, but comfort.







The Merika is available in two colors – black and navy, the neutral color scheme of the jacket means that it can be easily paired with a variety of colors, prints, and outfits, eliminating the need to pack more than one jacket, throughout the winter I successfully paired the jacket with blue jeans, black leggings, printed skirts and check trousers. The dark coloring of the jacket meant specks of dirt didn’t show as easily, perfect for weekend walks in the muddy countryside.


Quick Dry


The wet British weather (did I mention it rains a lot) is a great test for the dry time of a garment. After a very rainy morning walk on the Northumberland coast the Merika was hung to dry in a heated room, after lunch and a cup of tea the jacket was ready for a second outing; left on the radiator the coat dried in a matter of minutes, retaining its shape perfectly. Quick-drying garments is essential for wanderlust travel enthusiasts, fast-drying fabrics mean less dryer use, saving you time and money!




I am wearing the size Medium Merika in all of the images, being the shorty I am (at 5” 3) the sleeves came up slightly long on the jacket and are therefore rolled under slightly on all of the photographs. The main problem I had with the Merika was the hood; I found it far too large and that it’s annoying flapped around in the wind, I usually chose to detach it and wear a hat instead.

The Merika is a great alternative windbreaker that is both highly functional and stylish, I think it’s a great piece to invest in if you plan on travelling to Britain to explore the beautiful coast and countryside, it’s also handy to store in your handbag if you’re travelling to London or any of the other amazing cities.




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